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    [1]May 17, 2012
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    Hey Guys

    I'm not sure how active this forum is because I just watched The Pilot about 30 minutes ago and loved it. I'm on episode two right now.

    I was just wondering what you guys could tell me (as spoiler-free) as possible what to expect

    examples like who gets the most character development or maybe tell me who becomes the closest out of the goup or whatever and maybe what your favorite things about the show are?

    Is there do they bring up things that happen in previous episodes? Loving what I'm seeing so far though.

    Thanks in advance!

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    [2]May 18, 2012
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    humor odd situations not seen on other tv show a diverse cast each with there own perks and will love Abed and everything he does

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    [3]May 18, 2012
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    Well I found that the first season is the closest the show ever was to being like a "clasic sitcom" but towards the end of season one and definitely by the start of season two this show begins to do alot more "concept" episodes which are very specific to what they are spoofing. Each character does get more and more developed as the show goes on (Shirley I would say probrably takes the longest to develope out of all the study group members). Out of all the study group members Jeff I think would get the most character development but thats because he is the "main character". Most episodes are stand alone episodes but through out the show they will reference previous events. I think that if you like a wide range to TV and Movie genres then youll like alot of Community episodes because they spoof alot of stuff (anything from movies/tv to books to videogames). I can only think of maybe three episodes that I didnt reallyenjoy (they were still watchable)but I find that really rare on this show. What I also find is that each time I watch an episode over againI will be able to spot alot of subtle jokes that you dont see on your first veiwing.

    (I will start listing some of my favorite episodes so if you dont even want to know plots to future episodes then skip this paragraph)Most of my favorite episodes have been from season two. Some of the best out of thoses would be the halloween episode which involves the students on campus to turn into zombies due to tained "taco meat" while ABBAs greatest hits is playing in the background, as well as an episode which focuses on consiracy theories and an episode in which the study group plays a game of D&D. Also in season two there is a Clip show episode, I would not skip itall the clips that they show are "new" and it is not a classic clip show episode. I didn't watch that one for the longest time because I normally hate clipshow episodes but the two that have been on community have been really good. For season three some of the episodes you can look forward areRemedial Chaos Theory in which they show multiple timelines as well as their musical Christmas episode. And of course there are also the paintball episodes (the 2parter in season two is really funny, the first half makes fun of westerns and the second one makes fun of StarWars).

    Well Community is my favorite show that is currently on TV right now and I found that its one of the rare shows in which I enjoy almost every episode. But for sure the later episodes get more and more wacky(which is one of the things that I love about the show). And I also find that they do more things that they dont do in otherTV shows and its suprisinghow they are able to make things happen on thisshow that you normally wouldnt think would be possible.I would howeversuggest watching most of these episodes in order cuz you could miss some big plot points that happen in some of the episodes.

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