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Your expectations on season 5

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    What are your expectations on the fifth season, starting january 2nd 2014?

    On my side, I hope to see Chang have a better role than what he had in season 4. It was not good and he stayed the same from episode 1 to 13. But maybe also something better than season 3.

    I hope the show will became the same that it was before season 4 when it comes to romance and love stories. Too much heart in season 4. No more Britta & Troy is good.

    I hope to see the group staying the same than it was. What I mean is now Jeff has graduated, the others might have too, so I hope they still be a group like they were, and not less of a group.

    I hope the pretext of Jeff coming back (and the others, if they have graduated) wil be good and not something that looks just like an excuse to bring everybody back.

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