Season 5 Episode 11

G.I. Jeff

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2014 on NBC

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  • Childhood memories revamp so good

    Awesome, I love this episode
  • YO JOE!

    This is another one of my favorate episodes of the show, in fact in general. It was one of those episodes that you never thought would happen in a million years, but finally someone actually had the guts to do it and the results are something great.

    I'll level with you I'm a . Joe fan, I do love the 80's cartoon it's one of my favorate animated shows though I actually love the comic book series more which on a sidenote is still running. And please don't axe me in the back for this but I did like the two live action . Joe films (the second one a lot more) and hope they think of doing a third which may or may not happen we'll have to wait and see.

    Now down to business, this episode wasn't just a love letter to the old 80's cartoon but it was also in a strange way a crossover episode, since the Greendale Six are fighting with the Joes and some of the other characters mainly the Dean and the professors with Cobra. I really love that they had most to all the elments and cleches from the original show that they parody and satire.

    From the animation which looks great really looks like the kind from the original show, having the actual theme song though they have a little change in the text which is funny. The commercials are great, from seeing the actual toys veciles and figures, music, kids playing, narrator whom on a sidenote was the actual narrator for the "He-Man" toy commercials also, even grainy picture quality, it really looked like a 80's . Joe commercial. Just seeing those comericals gave me a wave of nostalgia, but also made me really miss that style of toy commercial which were cool because there was energy and everyone seemed to have fun. It also would be cool if the . Joe toy line actually soild those figures of the characters of "Community".

    I even liked that they had a few of the voice actors that played Flint, Duke, and Lady Jaye (the actress voices Scarlett for this episode for some weird reason) were in it as cameos, which was awesome and even liked how they had a moment of two were they were contrary to their own characters. But I mainly loved the voice acting of the cast of Community, they all really were having fun and were into the roles they played.

    There are just a lot of jokes that are great both visual and verbal, the best to me were with Jeff whom looks and is dressed like Duke, as he is the one that is actually killing people which I thought was blackly hillarous as we see him do something I always wondered why the heck both Cobra or . Joe never thought of which is shooting the parachutes; where in the show everyone is always missing everyone except for the vehicles. I love the fact that this fact is constantly addressed from what Jeff says at the trial but also just the accident report from Cobra headquarters which makes it more funny further stating that no one on each side really dies.

    And of course Jeff tries not to kill people, but is unsuccessful as each of his shots were inavertant kill shots, that's pretty good missing. But of course Jeff does get the hang of it as we see in once scene each of the professors try to each attack Jeff but he just simply shoots them in the ankle and it's just funny when each of them express pain, but also I feel breaks a cleche were there would be a moment where a fist fight would begin despite the fact that the protagonist or antagonist has the gun and could just end the fight in just a matter of seconds.

    Even liked Abed as usual whom is dressed as Spirit, whom as usual is being terribly logical about everything, well he wasn't given the codename Forth Wall for nothing. It was funny what they stated about the deus ex machina element, as they were all able to knock the Cobra vipers out so easily as well as opening the shelter door.

    If there is one misfire with the episode it would be Shirley, I felt the three kids joke was just redundant and got old really fast, let alone her dialog was a bit shallow.

    Other than that this episode has enough ammo and firepower for laughs. Well there's nothing else to say except "YO JOE!"
  • Why can't we go under 1/10?

    Couldn't stand that episode. I seriously consider stopping Community right now.
  • I don't understand people

    This episode was amazing. It had everything. It was funny, it was quirky, it had emotional depth. It was a real Communit episode. Why would people hate on it? Why do people hate on the entire fifth season? It is streets ahead of the 4th one, EVEN with Troy and Pierce missing. NowPierce I don't miss, Troy I do. It's not Season 1-3. But it's still a bloody good show.
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