Season 5 Episode 5

Geothermal Escapism

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Jan 23, 2014 on Yahoo

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  • Troy's End Game

    This was a very good episode, so far this season to me is really shaping up and is close to making up for the disappointing season 4; game episodes was something sorely missing from that season and I'm glad they did it again with a game I played at recess time. I don't quite give this episode a higher score because the only problem with the episode was I didn't feel there was enough action, I just felt with this game there was so much more that could of been done, but oh well. Troy has been my second favorate character on the show, even though he wasn't the brightest bulb, he had the biggest heart which never went wrong, it's what not just made him a great character but a great human being.

    Other than that everything else was fine, as usual it was just fraking hillarous seeing everyone in on the game and turning the whole school upside down. I really love how the lava world is conceived, it's sort of a post apocalyptic medevial fantasy world. One of my favorate moments was seeing the "Breaking Bad" star (forgot his name) coming in with some sort of bizarre desk vehicle designed to easily maneuver but most importantly knock down any opponents that are unfortunately to be in his way. It was just fraking hillarous seeing the Greendale six make a very slow getaway (their sliding in chairs after all, you can only move a few inches at a time) from a very slow vehicle. And we see this vehicle go to work as it destroys Chang's Locker gang, I couldn't help but crack up as they all really acted like they were going to die. I like that Brita is the main villain this time, we see her constantly trying to desperately spout out some psychology toward both Troy and Abed (she seriously needs to find a new path because she really sucks in that department) but instead we see her just losing her mind and needing some psychology herself (not supprising).

    Even liked that concept of Sherley constructing some sort of island nation, she should think of going for a political career. And of course there is a small battle that goes one, really liked seeing both Jeff and Annie in action both really do make a good team. Thought the only disappointment was that it was really brief, as I said before not enough action, would've been great to see both kick more butt and have back and forth together. But that's all beside the point anyway, it was funing seeing them use "The Empire Strikes Back" method to take down all of the henchmen on chair stilts. And that daft but fun plunger duel between both Jeff and Britta; I'll admit when Jeff lost it was rather supprising because usually you'd think he'd win but like in all sports/games fortune doesn't favor just one person.

    It was fun seeing both Abed and Troy work together as usual, liked seeing them use the atmosphere ball knocking most of the chair stilt henchmen like bowling pins. However the heart of the matter was seeing both Troy and Abed deal with their feelings on the matter of Troy leaving. Abed secretly wishes for the game to go forever so that Troy will stay; despite Troy wanting to go on his long awaited adventure he secretly fears leaving. I really can emphasize with both these feelings, I had to deal with the pain of my friends moving away or myself moving away from them; it's a painful reality we all have to deal with because were all individuals and we all go different directions in life, wherever we go no one else can follow. But we see a touching and weird moment as both finally do what they need to do, let each other go however they both commit suicide in the imaginary lava and clone themselves which is their play acting metaphor for saying goodbye, but also never forgetting one another and starting things anew.

    The last minutes with Troy I'll admit put a tear in my eye as we see him say good bye to all his friends, but most of all to us. Donald you really were what helped keep the show together which is why I'll miss you, we'll all miss you. Farewell, Donald/Troy you've made your mark on Greendale but most importantly are hearts.
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