Season 4 Episode 1

History 101

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Feb 07, 2013 on Yahoo

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  • amazing slap at conventional sitcoms

    Abed TV was brilliant in going after Chuck Lorre and his ilk, for having laugh tracks over unfunny jokes and getting ratings from the idiots who react to it.

    I really give this an 8 but need to overcome the Harmonites who want to be hipster with black rimmed glasses and give this a 2.

    If this episode had Harmon involved they would have loved the witty jab of Abed Tv, yet they proclaim the characters are 'different' yet this writer was one of the few carryovers from last season, think the writer KNOWS the characters

  • Season of Horrors

    I write this after watching the first half of this season. I can break down everything to date in two ways.

    1 - Horrible season as per Community standards.

    2 - Great season when compared to most other shows.
  • Dissapointing

    This episode was just bad. I liked Abed's happy place but other then that, it was Brittad. The pacing was awkward, the characters acted unlike themselves, and they could have done so much more with a Hunger Games parody. The more recent episodes have been alot better, but there was so much hype that this was our chance to show people how wonderful Community is, and they blew it.
  • They Brittad it

    the stuffed up. bad

    i totally agree with hpis2cool
  • The magic is gone

    This was a horrible episode. None of the characters acted like they used to and the pacing was all wrong.
  • The show is the same, funny as ever, Dan Harmon was brilliant, but not integral anymore.

    This episode of Community shows us that there can be some fun without Harmon, and many will say that he is so badly missed. If he had written this episode it probably would have been the same, and everybody would be calling it brilliant, but because he didn't everyone wants to hate on it because he was wrongfully terminated, the story was complex and fun and satirical, perfect blend for community. The new show runners kept it funny and keep in mind, this episode was written by one of Harmon's staff, the concept was by the new show runners, so when you complain that Harmon is missed keep in mind it was one of his cohorts behind the keyboard.
  • Hunger Dean...

    The Community light has been sorely missed this Winter and I am glad for its return. Firstly, Harmon's absence is noted and the surrealism doesn't flow like it used to. Fake Pierce was refreshing, maybe they should get rid of Chase or write some personality for him. Need more Troy and Abed moments though, they are the heart of the series and a brilliant double act. All in all, welcome back. Keep it up...
  • Best comedy show

    I just wanna say that people are taking this waaaaay too seriously. And not just on this website, but all websites. People, it's a comedy show, so stop looking at character development, relationships, etc. If you do that with shows like Homeland, Dexter, Breaking Bad, I'm fine, but this is a comedy show. The only thing it is supposed to do is make you laugh, and you can't confince me that this amazing episode didn't make you laugh every 45 seconds.

    Can't say I see a difference between the previous seasons and the start of this season, it's still funny as hell and in my opinion the funniest show on the planet.
  • Great show

    This was a great show to kick off the 4th season
  • If it ain't broke...

    They broke Community. Please send someone to fix it.
  • Welcome back

    So I went to this episode with some mixed feelings for the obvious reasons. I was scared it was going to spoof Hunger Games as much as the trailers made it seem but fortunately they didn't flood the episode with Hunger Deans and used it to show that Jeff has changed a lot and is willing to be in Greendale a bit longer because of the studygroup.

    So during Jeff Winger's final year in Greendale, the Dean is starting to get a bit aggressive. I mean who doesn't.. If I had a crush on someone for three years and he decided to move then I would be forced to make a move too. Sure he did come off as a bit too aggressive but the new showrunners are probably just trying to assure the old fans that the show isn't going to change too much.

    All in all the episode was really mediocre, I have seen better Community and I have seen worse Community but I always say that mediocre Community is better than any other comedy in TV.

    By the way... I'm seriously not making this up! I had a friend over who has seen nearly all Community episodes (because I made him watch). He loved Remedial Chaos Theory because... Who would not! But he didn't seem to notice the difference between the Harmon Community and post-Harmon Community. Doesn't prove anything but I just found it interesting!

    So all in all I did notice some slight differences but I didn't focus on them because I could find differences in 2nd and 3rd season if I were looking for them. I'm telling you to give the new showrunners a chance!
  • still good

    I'll make it quick and easy.

    1. hunger games bit was very funny, with Jeff as a changed ('chang'ed) man, whose character story was new and fun.

    2. Tango was weird, and didn't really reveal anything. We already knew the group was against Jeff getting his last credit, so it can be assumed the same goes for the dean.

    3. ABED TV was funny, new, and original. My only issue is that it seemed really forced.

    4. Troy and Britta's relationship was very odd. It threw you right into the middle of it, asking the audience to just accept that they have been together all of summer.

    -overall, the episode showed us a glimpse into the upcoming season. New, but still with its charm.