Season 4 Episode 1

History 101

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Feb 07, 2013 on Yahoo

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  • Welcome back

    So I went to this episode with some mixed feelings for the obvious reasons. I was scared it was going to spoof Hunger Games as much as the trailers made it seem but fortunately they didn't flood the episode with Hunger Deans and used it to show that Jeff has changed a lot and is willing to be in Greendale a bit longer because of the studygroup.

    So during Jeff Winger's final year in Greendale, the Dean is starting to get a bit aggressive. I mean who doesn't.. If I had a crush on someone for three years and he decided to move then I would be forced to make a move too. Sure he did come off as a bit too aggressive but the new showrunners are probably just trying to assure the old fans that the show isn't going to change too much.

    All in all the episode was really mediocre, I have seen better Community and I have seen worse Community but I always say that mediocre Community is better than any other comedy in TV.

    By the way... I'm seriously not making this up! I had a friend over who has seen nearly all Community episodes (because I made him watch). He loved Remedial Chaos Theory because... Who would not! But he didn't seem to notice the difference between the Harmon Community and post-Harmon Community. Doesn't prove anything but I just found it interesting!

    So all in all I did notice some slight differences but I didn't focus on them because I could find differences in 2nd and 3rd season if I were looking for them. I'm telling you to give the new showrunners a chance!