Season 4 Episode 1

History 101

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Feb 07, 2013 on Yahoo



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    • Mailman: (reading Chang's note) "Hello, my name is Kevin. I have Changnesia."

    • Jeff: I was just outside Babyville.
      Abed: There's nothing outside Babyville.
      Jeff: You know what? There is. And it was scary, because change is always scary. But then, I thought of you guys, and I wasn't so scared. Abed, when you brought this group together, you changed our lives, but then we changed each other. And we're gonna keep changing in unexpected ways. And we're still gonna be friends, even if we don't all become professors at Greendale or open a restaurant together or move into the same apartment building after Pierce dies. Even if we go somewhere, we're not going anywhere.

    • Britta: I wish to end all wars.
      Troy: That's another rule: no wishes containing the word "all." Guaranteed ironic consequences.
      Britta: I don't think anyone's gonna miss wars.
      Troy: Uh, Star Wars, thumb wars, wow, Storage Wars!

    • Annie: (in the Dean's office) This prank is amazing. He's gonna come in here later and have the creepy feeling someone was in here. We should go before we get caught.
      Shirley: Well aren't we gonna do something now that we're here?
      Annie: Do something? All right. A prank on a prank.

    • Jeff: Huh, I see we've all reinvented ourselves over the summer. A little hate to the hipster party much?
      Britta: A little much on the much much?

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