Season 1 Episode 8

Home Economics

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Nov 05, 2009 on Yahoo

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  • Jeff looses his condo and is living out his car until it is towed and then is living in the dorm with Abed. Pierce decides to talk to Vaughn about Britta after their breakup. Pierce joins Vaughn's band. Annie helps Troy with another girl.

    Pretty funny in spots. Extremely juvenile in general. I think they are trying a little too hard.

    The situation with Jeff was interesting but not really that humorous. A little sad actually. The songs Vaughn wrote were a little funny but pushed the limit of good taste especially the Pierce song. Pierces rap was even worse in context.

    The Annie/Troy story was almost pathetic. OK, we get it. Troy's not too smart and Annie will have to throw herself literally at him if he ever is to get a clue. This week Shirley just seems to be the onlooker for the show. Making little comments here and there.

    Overall a fast half hour with a few funny spots. A little weak compared with the Halloween episode last week. Thanks for reading...
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