Season 1 Episode 8

Home Economics

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Nov 05, 2009 on Yahoo

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  • Dissing Britta

    Home Economics, - A couple episodes into the season and so far i like what i am seeing. Lets begin tonights episode. Everyone finds out that Jeff is living out of her car, making them want to help him. However, Jeff sees this as a problem and denies their help. Then he comes to terms and rooms in Abed's room. Annie, who placed herself in every class of Troys, helps him plan a date with a girl. Shirly wants Annie to reveal to Trop her feelings. Annie cant and she wont. Causing her self to fake a sickness to prevent Troy to going on the date. Pierce hooks up with Vaughn, Britta's exboyfriend who is still mad at her. They create a song going Dissing Britta. Much to her dismay and tries to get them to change the song. Pierce then comes to her defense and he leaves the band. Abed is annoyed by Jeff being in his room and asks Britta to talk to Jeff to get him to leave. Britta that talks him into leave. Jeff then goes to rent an apartment and problem is solved. However for poor Pierce, Vaughn changed the lyrics and instead of insulting Britta he is no insulting Pierce. Overall it was a great show.