Season 3 Episode 5

Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Oct 27, 2011 on Yahoo

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  • the ending was the only good part of this episode


    For aHalloween episode, this episode sucked, as for a normal episode, this episode was OK (that is just because of the ending)

    This episode was about Britta trying to figure out who had the ability to kill someone because of the tests that they all took on the last episode. For some reason, telling ghost stories would revel who it was? Yeah, thatdoesn'tmakesense to me either.

    What i liked about the episode was Pierce's story, just because the way he knocks out Troy, and Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs in lingerie, dont think iwasn'tthe only person thinking that.

    To conclude, this was a poor community episode, there have been better. One thing that they should of done was gave everybody costumes.