Season 3 Episode 5

Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Oct 27, 2011 on Yahoo

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  • Tales from the Community


    It's pritty much "Community" doing anthology horror well kinda. This is probably one of my favorate halloween episodes, there really isn't much I can say but what I really like about the stories are they parody on the cleches of slasher movies but also kinda express the psychies of each of the characters. On a sidenote I really like how in two of the stories their was a reference joke to the horror movies "Friday the 13th part 2" and "The Town that Dreaded Sundown" both films feature a killer with a burlap sack for a mask.

    Two of my favorate stories are Annie's story which in a way parodies on the "Twilight" hype. Her story starts of as a bit of a cheesy romance story then as we see turns violent. It was blackly funny as we here the overly specific gory details of what happens. I wouldn't be supprised if she was the one disturbed.

    But my favorate story is one other character who's name excapes me but her story is just hillarous; it is the funniest thing I've seen since the "Reefer Madness" movie (for the record see it on the Rifftrax site it's great) like that film her story is purely properganda. From seeing the characters doing all of what is deemed as sinful which are drugs and sexual activity, but their also the common cleches in the slasher movies either way you slice it their the kiss of death. Down to the ridiculousness where the world is ending and the devil comes to destroy them except for the non sinners. The last things she says at the end of the story are just comic sliver.

    So until next time, try to enjoy the daylight.

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