Season 1 Episode 14

Interpretive Dance

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Jan 21, 2010 on Yahoo

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  • Jeff reveals to the group that he has started up a relationship with Professor Slater (from Episode 7). Troy and Britta reveal that they've been taking dance classes.

    In this episode, Jeff appears to have moved on from his obsession with Britta to date Professor Slater, first introduced in Episode 7 (Introduction to Statistics). However, when confronted with the idea of being Slater's "boyfriend" Jeff admits his problems with commitment. Meanwhile, Troy has taken on modern dance to help his football game but realizes that he loves it. Britta catches him dancing as she arrives for her own tap class. They resolve to come out to the group together that they're both dancing in advance of an upcoming recital, but at the last minute, Troy backs out due to embarrassment. Shirley expresses some concern about Britta being able to cope with Jeff's dating but Britta shrugs it off as she doesn't expect Jeff to be able to maintain a serious relationship. Finally, at the recital, Britta finds herself stunned when she sees Jeff and Slater holding hands in the audience; the two having agreed to make the relationship work. Paralyzed on stage, Troy leaps up and helps her through with an improvised performance. Jeff presents Britta with flowers at the end for a job well-done, leaving Britta smiling but emotionally confused.

    This episode took on a decidedly more character-driven tone and showed a lot more maturity than previous episodes, albeit at the expense of the normal volume of laughs. It does, however, establish that the show is prepared to move forward from the initial Jeff-Britta relationship and open the door for greater development. That being said, I couldn't help but shake shadows of Pam-Jim (the Office) and Ross-Rachel (Friends) will-they/won't-they sentiment which can be dangerous for a show if they toy with it for too long. I appreciate what they're doing with the show (and parts were certainly touching) but I'll save full marks for funnier episodes.