Season 1 Episode 3

Introduction to Film

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Oct 01, 2009 on Yahoo

Episode Recap

Jeff, in an attempt to procure an easy "A" for a subject, sits in on the film class of Professor Whitman, a teacher in the mold of Dead Poets Society's Mr. Keating. He finds that the course is easier than he first anticipated as all Whitman requires of them is to "seize the day." Jeff goes to his study group and tells them of the cake-walk class that he just discovered.

Everyone except Abed gets interested on enrolling in the film course. Although Abed is so fond of making films, his father wants him to only take subjects that can help with running their falafel business. In her desire to push Abed in pursuing his dreams, Britta gives Abed a check to pay for the film

In the meantime, Jeff and the others tease Troy for having a cute high-pitched sneeze. Pierce later gives him tips on the proper ways to sneeze, which can command respect.

During the next film Whitman forces Shirley to share her real reason for attending community college while he criticizes Annie for taking notes about other people's lives instead of living her own. As they dismiss, Whitman gives the their assignment and talks to Jeff about his crooked intention of just cruising through the without putting an effort.

After Abed's father learns about his son taking up a filmmaking he confronts Britta on campus while Abed shoots the encounter as part of his documentary about his father. Jeff breaks up the fight between Britta and Abed's dad, who walks away and angrily leaves his son to the care of his study buddies.

Jeff, in his attempt to impress Professor Whitman, dresses in colorful jumper garters and a shiny tie. He also takes out a huge kite into the campus square and tries to fly it in front of everyone. Whitman becomes even more disappointed as all he asks of Jeff is to do those outrageous things not for other people's amusement but for his self-fulfillment.

During study group, Abed treats his group mates to pizza and coffee while continually filming Britta and Jeff's reactions. Furious, Britta walks out of the room as Jeff follows her out.

In the hopes of resolving the issue regarding Abed and his weird behavior, Jeff tricks Britta and Abed's dad into meeting with him. The supposedly peaceful reconciliation soon turns into another loud argument until Abed interrupts them and lets them view the film he created in his laptop.

The short film, which stars Britta as Abed's mom and Jeff as Abed's dad, turns out to be a compilation of clips and sound bites from recent conversations to convey Abed's feelings towards his father. Abed's dad is touched by the little movie and agrees to support his son's dream of becoming a filmmaker. Britta thanks Jeff for all the effort he put in for Abed.

As another school day ends, Professor Whitman catches Britta kissing Jeff, who stands in shock and gets an A+ from Whitman for the "life-changing kiss."
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