Season 1 Episode 3

Introduction to Film

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Oct 01, 2009 on Yahoo

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  • Step backwards?

    Introduction to Film, - Unlike some other reviews i have read for this episode i am actually going to review this episode. In this episode Jeff joins a film class which he belives will be an easy A. However he finds it more difficult than he first imaged. Abed takes up film because it interests him. He then makes movie about his strict father. In the end Britta and Jeff and the father watch the video and learn what i means to go over and maybe respect one another. Which isnt always going to happen. Overall there wasnt that much comedy going on in the is episode. More serious parts. Not worth a repeat watch over.
  • 103

    The first really impressive episode of the season. The pilot was good enough, the second episode was okay, but now I can finally say that this episode was great and definitely a step in the right direction.

    Community isn't like other comedies, sure it can be cliche at times, but it has a really great script with clever & witty humor from the whole cast. I commend the writers on that one. Community doesn't underestimate the viewer's intelligence with slapstick humor, it actually has quality one liners.

    Not to mention this episode had great development and I'm sure kept most fans on their toes with the hinting of the Jeff/Britta relationship, which by the end, I found myself interested in too.

    Some things are cliche about Community, but it's definitely not the characters considering just three episodes in, and I could definitely say we have a really great ensemble here, and an original premise. More episodes like these please, and I will definitely see this becoming one of my favorite comedies.
  • Britta decides to help Abed fulfill his dream of taking a film course so she gives him the money for the class that his father won't. Jeff finds a cake class to take and then gets in trouble with the teacher for being a slacker.

    A number of things occur in this episode and each one of the storylines has a positive twist.

    First we have Britta, Jeff, and Abed. Abed wants to take a film course. Abed's father won't pay for it so Britta does. Abed's father shows up and becomes angry with Britta and Jeff for influencing Abed. Abed starts acting strangely but in the end everything works out for all of them.

    Jeff finds an easy A in a class where the teacher, Professor Whitman played by John Michael Higgins, is a free spirit. No homework, just Carpe diem meaning to Seize the day. Unfortunately the Professor recognizes what an ultimate slacker Jeff is and tells him if he doesn't really let himself be free he'll fail him. Jeff tries all sorts of scams, but in the end Britta comes through for him and saves his grade.

    There is a very funny scene where the professor tells everyone to stand on their desk. Of course one of the desks breaks hurting the student pointing out the reason why you wouldn't want to stand on your desk.

    The last storyline is Troy and Pierce. Troy sneezes like a girl. Embarrassing himself in front of people a lot. Pierce teaches him to sneeze like a manly man in the usual Chevy Chase style. In the end he helps Troy.

    This was a big improvement over last week and probably better than the pilot. The characters are becoming more three dimensional and the story's are more empathetic and personal. Hopefully the numbers will hold up for this show if it continues on the right direction. Thanks for reading...
  • I never actually saw the Second Episode, but this episode is really when I felt Community started getting on a roll.

    The episode focuses mostly on Abed being encouraged by Britta to become a film maker despite his father's best wishes, and Jeff Winger as bizarre as this sounds ends up in a class with a guy named Professor Whitman who is kind of like Robin Williams character in the movie "Dead Poet's Society." It was overall a pretty funny episode and really showcased the weirdness of Abed's character, he really comes off strong in this episode and I hope come Emmy time they give him an Emmy Supporting nomination for his strong work over the season and in this episode. He plays Abed as though he is a weirdo but yet he is a person trapped inside all those pop culture references. Jeff and the Professor telling him to seize the day is hysterical, and the episode where Community started to really get things right!
  • How could you not love this show after this episode?

    Danny Pudi is genius. This episode provided so much insight into the wonderfully complex character that is Abed, and as long as he is on the show, I wouldn't even consider leaving. I have watched this episode many times, and I must say, his self produced video is heart-breaking every time, even though Jeff and Britta's confused and uncomfortable reactions to it are very funny. Also, it is episodes like this one that show the viewers why it makes sense that Troy and Pierce live together and get along even though they are so different. It was great for Pierce to give sneezing lessons because Chevy Chase really is a talented man, and it doesn't hurt for him to show off his chops. I loved the sneezing lessons because it remided me of how much experience he really does have, and I'm very thankful that he is on this wonderful show.

    As a side note, Jeff and Britta's day-seizing kiss was enough of a teaser to keep the Jeff/Britta tension alive, which was especially nice because it was a very cute kiss which would please fans of the couple, but not be obnoxious for fans who don't like the couple. Also, John Michael Higgins took every line that he had and knocked them out of the park. "I'll have... birthday cake!"

    It's only the first episode of the show's freshman year, but they're already producing such great episodes!
  • Abed goes M Night Shamayalan

    Community picks back with this one, which has some great material, as Abed reveals her really wants to study film. As a fellow film student, this clicked with me, but bias aside, the episode is funny on it's own merit. (the sneezing jokes) It looks like John Michael Higgins is the cooky teacher of the week, and he is obsessed with "seizing the day." I was amused at how easily he would accept other students' non-efforts and yet give Jeff no slack whatsoever, when he was trying the hardest. Though JMH is funny in his own right (the best thing about Kat and Kim), it's the material doing the work here. But randomly climbing a tree at the end had me on the floor! Abed decided to make a doc about his family, which stared Jeff and Britta as mom and dad (why did Britta pay for his classes? Oh, because she insists on butting in everyone's lives- still don't like her). The final product is an amusing avante-garde that only his father (the principal on Glee) could understand. Lol.
  • Please don't be cancelled...

    I think it would be a big mistake to get rid of this show. Despite only being three episodes in, the show is holding up its ratings (6-7 million for NBC is like 13-15 million for CBS) and it gets progressively funnier, especially as you get to know the characters. Each one now has a distinct personality that makes them unique to the rest of the shows on TV.

    The episode revolves around an Introduction to Film class that Jeff takes for an easy grade, but finds it harder to manage than he originally thought. Abed takes film class a little seriously and tries making a documentary about his life, with Jeff has his dad and Brita as his mom. Oh, and Troy has a girly sneeze, so Pierce attempts to teach him the proper sneezing techniques.

    All of these plots are entertaining and all come to a satisfying conclusion, including a heartfelt connection between Abed and his father and a kiss between Jeff and Brita that probably means nothing to Brita but everything to Jeff. The only thing that could make this episode better would be the inclusion of Ken Jeong. I hope they use him more then they have.

    Community is definitely a solid show and is filled with laughs. It's fast paced, witty and deserves to be lumped in with The Office and 30 Rock.. I like Parks and Recreation, but if it means that show getting cancelled to keep Community around, so be it.
  • My favourite episode so far

    Jeff joins Professor Whitman class for an easy A grade. Jeff realises how much work he needs to put in to pass. Britta helps Abed fulfill his dream.
    Another good episode from Community, best episode yet, The characters are becoming more likable and the story is developing well between Britta and Jeff. Chevy Chase got small screen time in this episode which was a bit dissapointing but I liked the reveal that Annie kind of has has crush on Troy. Also great appearence from John Michael Higgins, his character really set the tone of the episode in the first sccene and he had me laughing everytime he was on screen. Loved the ending where he climbed a tree.
  • Uh-oh, the cancellation commences...

    Of course this show won't last long -- it's only in its third episode and it's already being moved to a different time-slot. Sound the alarm!

    I've found only one problem with this show, well, maybe two. A, wait, 1, it might be just me, but the episode go by like that. The episodes feel shorter than twenty-two minutes. This might just be due to being engrossed in this show. Or, commercials have really cut this show down on its length.

    And now 2, there doesn't seem to be a definable and continuous group of plots on this show, except spanish class. Or maybe it'll just take a little while to set up each class, but by the time they do that, the semester will be over and we'll be in a new set of classes. Which, by the way, what will then happen to the spanish study group? In season two, if there's a season two, will they move to the spanish two study group? Hmmm, quandaries. Now for the good:

    The episodes are filled with awesome character development and witty remarks made by most of the cast. And this episode, like the other two, had some brilliant quotes in it, especially the one McHale made to diss Dane Cook. (I hope it was a diss.) But now with the time change, I bet there'll be half the audience next week as there was this week. And soon, NBC will switch the show to Friday or Monday at eight to kill the show.

    But anyway, Abed is showing to be pretty weird, which can be annoying in a way. The episode revolving mostly around him got tedious at certain points, but the quick dialogue really pulled the episode forward.

    The guy from Derrick Comedy got another end credit segment, which looks like that's what he's best at: sketch comedy and short length credits. His subplot felt meaningless and felt like it was to add five minutes to the script, which could have been used further along one of the other plots.

    Other than that though, the show is still showing promise, but it really needs to hurry up and get its promise in gear before NBC decides to can it, which they probably will seeing as the tv gods like to foil my television watching and cancel any good show I decide to watch, except House, which went down the toilet years ago.

  • Best episode yet! Just when I thought this show was gonna die, this episode provides a promising future.

    I was just about to give on this show until I saw this episode. John Michael Higgins is just what this show needed, and I hope we will get to see more of him in the future. I caught myself laughing out loud for the first time watching this show, which is a very good sign. I've been very surprised with Joel Mchale so far, but I think his character could still be a little funnier. While I think this episode took a little step back in character development, I think it took a huge step forward in the comedy aspect. While this show has a long way to go to be mentioned in the same sentence with a show like The Office, I think this episode provided a good spark for a promising future.