Season 1 Episode 3

Introduction to Film

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Oct 01, 2009 on Yahoo

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  • Britta decides to help Abed fulfill his dream of taking a film course so she gives him the money for the class that his father won't. Jeff finds a cake class to take and then gets in trouble with the teacher for being a slacker.

    A number of things occur in this episode and each one of the storylines has a positive twist.

    First we have Britta, Jeff, and Abed. Abed wants to take a film course. Abed's father won't pay for it so Britta does. Abed's father shows up and becomes angry with Britta and Jeff for influencing Abed. Abed starts acting strangely but in the end everything works out for all of them.

    Jeff finds an easy A in a class where the teacher, Professor Whitman played by John Michael Higgins, is a free spirit. No homework, just Carpe diem meaning to Seize the day. Unfortunately the Professor recognizes what an ultimate slacker Jeff is and tells him if he doesn't really let himself be free he'll fail him. Jeff tries all sorts of scams, but in the end Britta comes through for him and saves his grade.

    There is a very funny scene where the professor tells everyone to stand on their desk. Of course one of the desks breaks hurting the student pointing out the reason why you wouldn't want to stand on your desk.

    The last storyline is Troy and Pierce. Troy sneezes like a girl. Embarrassing himself in front of people a lot. Pierce teaches him to sneeze like a manly man in the usual Chevy Chase style. In the end he helps Troy.

    This was a big improvement over last week and probably better than the pilot. The characters are becoming more three dimensional and the story's are more empathetic and personal. Hopefully the numbers will hold up for this show if it continues on the right direction. Thanks for reading...