Season 1 Episode 3

Introduction to Film

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Oct 01, 2009 on Yahoo

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  • How could you not love this show after this episode?

    Danny Pudi is genius. This episode provided so much insight into the wonderfully complex character that is Abed, and as long as he is on the show, I wouldn't even consider leaving. I have watched this episode many times, and I must say, his self produced video is heart-breaking every time, even though Jeff and Britta's confused and uncomfortable reactions to it are very funny. Also, it is episodes like this one that show the viewers why it makes sense that Troy and Pierce live together and get along even though they are so different. It was great for Pierce to give sneezing lessons because Chevy Chase really is a talented man, and it doesn't hurt for him to show off his chops. I loved the sneezing lessons because it remided me of how much experience he really does have, and I'm very thankful that he is on this wonderful show.

    As a side note, Jeff and Britta's day-seizing kiss was enough of a teaser to keep the Jeff/Britta tension alive, which was especially nice because it was a very cute kiss which would please fans of the couple, but not be obnoxious for fans who don't like the couple. Also, John Michael Higgins took every line that he had and knocked them out of the park. "I'll have... birthday cake!"

    It's only the first episode of the show's freshman year, but they're already producing such great episodes!