Season 3 Episode 22

Introduction to Finality

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM May 17, 2012 on Yahoo

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  • Good episode, disappointing for a finale

    Good episode of Community, but not for a finale. I was expecting more for a last episode of a season.

    But the episode is a good one, I just think it was more the type of episode you would find during a season.

    KonstantinK > maybe because people are able to rank things, and not put 10 to something they like and 1 to something they didn't like? People are able to judge objectively episodes, not like you :/
  • Great episode

    I really don't understand how anyone could not give this a 10? It was an awesome season finale for sure!
  • A Premature Farewell to Community

    A solid episode and wrap up considering they thought this would be the last show. So sad Dan Harmon departs but I'll be back for Season 4.......awesome!!!
  • Favorite Superhero

    Brittas favorite superhero is X-man. Pretty funny, except there is a marvel superhero called X-Man. Real (fictional) name is Nate Grey. First appearance was in X-Man issue 1 in 1995. Age of Apocalypse story arc that crossed into the X-Men world.

    Just saying....
  • If this was the series final I would have been happy (thank God it's not)

    Well with the fear that this was going to be the series final if the show didnt get a fourth season it does have alot of closure. But at the same time it does show hints to possible storylines for season four.

    Well alot of time has passed since the last episode because apparently it is set during a time when they are ready to take their finals for their summer session bio course and there are three story lines going on in this episde:

    1) Shirley and Pierce go to Greendale's Summer Funtime Court to see who gets full ownership to their sandwhich shop. Jeff reluctantly represents Shirley (he would much rather study for his bio final) and he is up against Alan who we havent seen since "Accounting for Lawyers"

    2) Abed having gone crazy with the absence of Troy seeks Britta (with her psych skills) to help him cope. But the session turns into something from Silence of the Lambs and Abed ends up swapping places with Evil Abed and goes off to try to make the main timeline the worst one. (and to start this he plans on cutting Jeffs arm off!)

    3) Troy is now appart of the air conditioning school annex and has to find a way to get out of what is pretty much a cult

    So as you can see alot of stuff happens in this episode and each story line has some very fun parts. Story one was good in testing Jeff's lawyer skills and seeing how much he will let Alan control his choices in this case. Story two was funny although i do wish Evil Abed was around longer. And Troys story was also good and it was fun to see the weird things that go on in the Annex and to see Troy become their "messiah". Of course (almost)everything in the end is pretty much solved in the end with a Winger speech and it all ends on a happy note.

    Some spoilery stuff: well in the end we see some new things to look forward to next season like Britta moving with Annie, Abed and Troy (the dreamatoriums taken down and has been converted into a locker sized wardrobe box), Jeff will look for his father, the Dean from City College is making plans (while Chang is watching from the vents so they will probably team up) and Starburns is still alive! Cant wait for season 4

    End tag for this episode: Leonard's review for Lets Potato chips
  • I want Jim Belushi as a guest star (or new regular character ... dream on!)

    I really like both of the characters revealed to have died, so I'll miss them a lot... but it's nice to see that one that we thought had died didn't.

    Anyway, what a phenomenal way to tie all loose ends and get some fantastic continuity. Every time I watch an episode as poignant as this one think they've peaked and they can't possibly come up with anything that could top it, and then they do.

    Six seasons and a movie, indeed!
  • Brilliant wrap up to Community Season 3

    While this season may not have been Community's strongest when compared with the show's first 2 seasons, the finale (along with standout episodes this year such as Basic Lupine Urology, the Pillow Fort storyline, the Timeline Episode and the Digital Estate Planning episode) yet again reminds us exactly why Community is the best darn show out there!!! What other TV show (live-action, mind) is willing to break the rules of TV and even a traditional comedy or sitcom? We had a stop-motion episode, we had a musical episode and this year, we got an 8-bit video game style episode! This is a TV show filled with plenty of heart wrapped up in a ball of oddity and wackiness that makes Community... Community!

    #SixSeasonsAndAMovie !!
  • best Winger speech by far

    don't read what i have to say about this episode, just go watch it.

    the amount of creativity, hilarity and character growth the writers can pack into 21 minutes of film is astounding, and I really hope this is the year they dominate at the Emmy's AND get more episodes next season AND are renewed (on adult swim...?). what kind of backwards world am I living in if a show that writes with it's fans (and future fans) in mind gets so belittled and downtrodden just because it airs at the same time [popular multi-camera show] airs?

    (spoilers?) anyway, have to say Abed actually made me nervous with the bonesaw. very cruel. cruel, cruel, cruel. what made me nervous is the unpredictability of the show. if anyone could write out a plausible effective story line that involved Jeff being crippled, it would be the Community writers.

    i'm glad it ended with that punch. they really deserve to toot their own horn (cougarton abbey reference?)