Season 1 Episode 7

Introduction to Statistics

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Oct 29, 2009 on Yahoo

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  • It's the Day of the Dead (Halloween) celebration at community college and Annie is throwing a big party. She pleads with Jeff to come as that means the party will be cool. Jeff has set his sites on dating the statistic professor which may cause waves.

    Maybe the best of the episodes of Community so far. Unfortunately it came with the help of the Halloween holiday. A natural time for people to act freaky even when they already are most of the times.

    Lauren Stamile is a breath of fresh air as the statistics professor Jeff has set his sites on. She actually seems to find Jeff attractive too, but she won't date students even though she has graded his tests and won't have to worry about feeling mentally in-antiquate to him. Annie has planned the big bash for the Day of the Dead celebration and really pleads with Jeff to come as otherwise everyone will be leaving to get home to see the evening news. Abed is great as Batman and Pierce comes as Beastmaster. How appropriate as Marc "Beastmaster" Singer comes to mind for his role as the star in the original V series being dug up and redone next week.

    Jeff is shot down by his professor so he comes to the party but soon finds out there is a teacher party in another building. He was wearing no costume, but when he talks Senor Chang into taking him out comes a very professional looking cowboy costume. Of course Britta could care less, but Annie is devastated and by this time Pierce has traded some of his prescription medicine for uppers and is tripping.

    So while Jeff is making time with the Professor the whole gang shows up pleading with him to save the other party and Pierce. He turns them down but soon finds his heart is in the right place and withdraws form an evening with the Professor to save Pierce and the party.

    The episode ends with another of the great bits at the end with Troy and Abed. These are quickly becoming great signature scenes which I believe people are actually looking forward to now.

    This could be the best episode so far. Let's see if they can maintain the momentum. I really hope we see more of that statistics professor too. Thanks for reading...