Season 1 Episode 7

Introduction to Statistics

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Oct 29, 2009 on Yahoo

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  • Abed's Batman was kind of genius

    Most people have been down on Community, claiming it hasn't lived up to the pilot episode. I feel the complete opposite. Since I never found the premiere all that amazing, I felt the show has been improving with each new episode. I think "Introduction to Statistics" is easily their best offering.

    The idea of Jeff perusing someone besides Britta was welcome, and I'm as curious as anyone else to know if she really was a bit jealous. Shirley did most of her fighting for her- ripping off the antenna of the hot professor's car, and trying to hose her office! She got a nice speech about how she was expressing her own feelings of getting hurt by a man. (Britta still snapped a trophy in her office though) Weaker elements of the show was Annie's needing Jeff to be at her party because he's the "cool" one (what?) and Pierce tripping out on drugs. I also wish we could have got a bit more from the Stat professor, but hopefully we'll see more of her in the future. Chen had a great line about having the body of a 5th grader! This was the Halloween episode, I'm a sucker for these- especially on sitcoms, and surely enough, the costumes brought some great laughs. Britta, who I'm finally starting to warm up to, was completely covered up as a squirrel; her commentary on the holiday being an excuse for girls to dress like sluts. Counter that with Annie dressed as a sexy skeleton, lol! Nice, ;)
    Shirley was trying to pull off Harry Potter, but because she's black, people assumed she was Steve Urkel, lol. Pierce had a full-on muscle suit + bird on arm, and was proud to be The Beastmaster. I loved how the 80s icon went right over other people's heads. Troy was the toughest to figure out; the stash and red jacket evoked Michael Jackson's Thriller or maybe another 80s icon like Prince or that dude from Miami Vice. After some research, I found out he was Eddie Murphy-circa Delirious. Random, but funny. Jeff, predictably, wasn't the costume type, but thankfully, and probably even more predictably, he eventually did dress up- as a cowboy. Plain, but knowing the character, this still provided some smiles. The the best costume of the night hands down went to Abed's Batman. Not that the outfit was good, but how far he went with the character. His Christian Bale-rasp was spot on, and his monologue at the close of the episode killed:

    "If I stay, there can be no party. I must be out there in the night, staying vigilant. Wherever a party needs to be saved, I'm there. Wherever there are masks, wherever there's tomfoolery and joy, I'm there. But sometimes I'm not cause I'm out in the night, staying vigilant. Watching. Lurking. Running. Jumping. Hurtling. Sleeping. No, I can't sleep. You Sleep. I'm awake. I don't sleep. I don't blink. Am I bird? No. I'm a bat. I am Batman. Or am I? Yes, I am Batman. Happy Halloween."