Season 1 Episode 7

Introduction to Statistics

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Oct 29, 2009 on Yahoo

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  • Greatly needed?

    Introduction to Statistics, - In this episode Annie has a halloween party for extra credit. Something no other student has ever done. However, her parties fail as people leave so they can catch the news. She goes around demanding everybody to go because she truly doesnt want to fail. Jeff on the other hand doesnt want to attened, he wants to go out with his statisitics teacher. However the teacher shows no interests in dating a student much to his dismay. Shirley takes her wedding ring off for the first time since the divorce and "tries" to move on. At the party Pierce becomes embarresed that he has to take an "old person's pill" and trades pills with another druggie to look cool. Shirley goes nuts after her ex comes back for the ring. Jeff sneaks out of Annie's party to go hang out with the teacher. Senor Chang gives himsom advice on how to score with the teacher. Everybody comes rushing back to get Jeff to help Pierce who has gone crazy at Annie's party and has built a hut out of tables and chairs. Shirly targets the teacher and wrecks her car and her awards. In the end Jeff talks Pierce out of his troubles and batman saves them both. Overall this was a great episode. I dont know why it is getting such a low score on The best part of this episode was Abed as Batman.