Season 1 Episode 13

Investigative Journalism

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Jan 14, 2010 on Yahoo

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  • When the gang returns from winter break a new classmate shows up to join the group. Jeff is talked into being the editor of the formerly defunct Greendale Gazette. Abed calls Jeff, Hawkeye and tells him how similar he is to the MASH character.

    Even with Jack Black as the new temporary member of the group this episode was not an improvement. Matter of fact it was probably a bigger disappointment with the hype put out on the airways.

    Jeff returns as the mellow cool guy with no worries that has fallen into the college life with ease. The only problem is he's still a control freak and basically everyone still follows his lead. The scene when he became editor was about the funniest of the episode. He basically sent one student to buy pizza and another to buy booze all under the guise of the school newspaper. Even Annie ends up doing what he wants in the end.

    With the Jack Black character they do flashbacks of the Spanish 101 class and show Jack reacting to all of the groups hi jinx as if he was always there. I bet someone thought that was clever. Otherwise Jack plays an obnoxious guy that breaks Jeff's nose among other things.

    Senor Chang starts off Spanish 102 by having a shrine to himself at the front of the room as he supposedly died driving a motorbike into the side of an Arby's. He paid an actress to pretend that and then came storming into the class surprising the students. Again not humorous. Overall not a very good episode of Community. This show might get renewed with all its promise and the fact that NBC is going to need programming for next season. From now on I may or may not catch an episode when I can. There's too much better on TV especially Thursday nights let alone this same time slot to watch this anymore. Thanks for reading...
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