Season 1 Episode 23

Modern Warfare

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM May 06, 2010 on Yahoo

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  • Awesome Episode

    "Jeff Winger.... You son of a bitch..... I thought you were dead man.."

    Absolutely Awesome! That's all I can say.

  • By far the best episode of the season.

    I don't even know how I'm going to stretch this to 100 words, after watching it I can really only think of three words to describe it, best. episode. ever. A review can't even begin to describe how great it is. The callbacks and parodies of all the action movies were hilarious, as were the shots at Glee, and glee clubs in general. It made paintball look like so much fun, and made the game incredibly epic. There were really no problems at all in this episode, it was written and acted out perfectly. I guess if there's one thing that worries me it's, how are they possibly going to top this?
  • This is what the show is capable of.

    Much like the gangster episode, "Contemporary American Poultry", you have this surreal plot that drives away from your average Community episode. Not only was it the best episode this season in terms of comedy, it had some great action sequences that surprised me.

    When Jeff awakes in his car and steps out to this zombie like atmosphere you know somethings different and that the episode is going to be a special one. It was so well done. Senor Chang also plays a great role as usual, where we see him in full blown psycho mode that was so fitting and hilarious.

    There is also some romantic aspects to the episode that I won't spoil but its pretty vital and a great episode to establish it in.
  • So many great quotes, so many epic action sequences

    This episode was so much fun to watch. It started out like a normal Community episode...until Jeff stepped from his car into the post-apocalyptic quadrangle and the nerd told him that..."This is not over, this is still happening!" And from there it just got better and better. What other sitcom could plausibly portray such a sceario, jam packed with action movie references and cliches. The sequences with Chang entering the room, the ensuing slow motion shootout with Britta, and Jeff diving from his paint bomb was so epic. It was nice to see Jeff and Britta hook up too, and the perfect situation for it.
  • An epic, epic episode. This episode is the reason why I'm hooked on Community!

    This is a ridiculously entertaining episode. There are three main reasons why:
    1. The comedy. Sarcasm, one liners, and insults; this episode is chopped full of the good stuff.
    2. The action. This show's plot did what few other shows would be able to get away with, and I loved it. The Big Bang Theory (which I also love) did a paintball based episode, but I will admit that it was not nearly as hilarious as Community's paintball blast. And along the same lines as "action," I'm glad the romantic plot was addressed (in a big way) but did not distract from the main focus.
    3. The characters. I'm so happy to find a show that is nearly completely rid of cliches. There's also, and I hope they stick around for a really long time!
  • The best episode so far!

    I think that this is the best episode by far of the series. It was well written, and once you started laughing, you couldn't stop. The sarcasm and the one liners were hilarious. The action was entertaining, yet it wasn't too over the top or overwhelming. I don't think that you can get any better than this. I think that this should have been the season finale because of the fact that it was so good and so funny at the same time. My favorite part was when Chang entered the room and proceeded to blow up the place and covered the room with green ink.