Season 3 Episode 15

Origins of Vampire Mythology

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Apr 12, 2012 on Yahoo

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  • Vampire Mythology

    If you follow along with screenwriters, you would be a bit confused like I was, since this episode was written by creator Dan Harmon, which was odd since previous episodes he wrote were borderline incredible, yet although this episode was a good one, it could have been a lot better. Annie is still super adorable, and Abed will always be great - Jeff's ego has been taking a lot of screen time these days, and the excess Dean-ing makes the episode a little dull, since his character is very limited, but I loved the take on Pierce and Chang as friends, and it feels weird that it hasn't been done yet - but I must hail Harmon on a fantastic ending for an episode, all the hints that are given of things to come, beautifully done - can't wait till the next one!
  • Won't Chang How Mustard Taste

    Certain things had a lot of potential, but were IMO not as great as they may have been. It wasn't bad at all, and for many other programmes, it would've been the best episode ever. For Community, though, it was only 'average' and a bit of a let down after that phenomenal war from the previous week.

    I loved:

    * The echo of Britta and then Pierce seeking Annie for 'counselling'.

    * More and more build-up for both Alpha and Beta couples.

    * Troy showing maturity.

    * Abed being as self-centred and detached as usual.

    * Jeff and Shirley being close friends.

    * Britta being ridiculed.

    * Annie being both deep and shallow (those things can and do coexist).

    * Cheesy at it may sound, it does teach you a lesson or two about real life.

    * Templeton Ferrari III.

    I didn't like:

    * Shirley being absent at the end (it'd been a brilliant wrap).

    * Vice-Dean's obsession (will the AC repair school crash without Troy or what?).

    * The group interacting in larger sub-groups than just in pairs.

    * Does Jeff have an unlimited supply or money? Sure, if he's a consultant (considering S2E02) then yeah, but that's a far better arc to exploit than simply having him pathetically trying to find ways to manipulate people (hasn't Rick taught him that after S2E12?).