Season 2 Episode 21

Paradigms of Human Memory

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Apr 21, 2011 on Yahoo

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  • "Abed, you're a computer. Scan your mainframe for some juicy memories." "Feast your ear tongues on these memory pops!"

    The study group has just finished making their twentieth and final anthropology diorama; a diorama of them making their nineteenth diorama. Troy's monkey, Annie's Boobs, steals a paintbrush inciting a slicked up Chang to troll the vents after it. He uncovers the monkey's nest of Greendale memories which then inspires the group to take their own stroll down memory lane. Yes I remember the (bottle) episode where Annie freaked about her purple pens. It was hilarious, showed the group's great dynamic, and Troy was in his underwear...

    Sorry, had to clean the drool off my keyboard. And my monitor. And the remote and television. Anyways!

    So Britta holds up a star badge that reads 'Sheriff'. Which I'm thinking I remember from season one and Jeff's costume in the Halloween episode. But I am wrong and just like that, we are launched into a series of "Hey remember when we...?" setups that- wait. When did those happen? If you love Community and have Season One on DVD and listened to the commentaries (hands up), you'll have learned already from cast and crew that Community and Fox's Glee share the same lot (or something) and are neighbors and everyone at Glee is so nice. But they can suck it ha ha but we love them.

    ...But they can suck it. Sing-a-ling-a-ling-ding-dong. Oh by the way, Jeff and Britta are/were having secret sex. Which kind of bums me out after the adorable Britta/Troy storyline featured in the previous episode, 'Competitive Wine Tasting'. I kind of wished they had switched that one with this one on the Community timeline.

    We get a few memories from episodes we did see like Christmas and Halloween, but the moments are new (I still want to see the full non-claymation side of the Christmas episode. It was adorable and magical). I don't know about everyone else, but I wish we would have seen the St. Patrick's Day episode instead of Valentine's Day. We also get a reminder of the fact that anyone in the group can be paired with any other member with the right montage of significant glances. It's called chemistry shippers, and Jeff has it with everybody.

    The memories conclude with a mash-up of Winger speeches which he apparently offered at the end of each escapade. Smushed all together, the result manages to show us that this group can survive anything. Even the multitude of Dean costume changes/irrelevant news interruptions. As long as they air out their dirty laundry, they'll stop fighting about fighting about fighting. Wait. I think I feel a scream and a nosebleed coming on.

    I love Community.