Season 1 Episode 17

Physical Education

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Mar 04, 2010 on Yahoo

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  • This episode had me howling but I definitely felt that there were some iffy moments in here that made me question if Community has jumped the shark...

    I couldn't help but laugh out loud at numerous points in this episode. The one-liners were spot on and I know that there are loads of quotables that I'll have to learn. It was also a pretty nice lesson that Abed gave the rest of the group in terms of self esteem and knowing who you are. I was glad to see that it didn't just turn into an awkward episode about Abed becoming a more suave guy, a la Steve Urkel, to win the girl.

    But some parts of the episode were borderline over the top and while funny, seemed out of character for the show in that it wasn't very witty and was very cliche. For example, Abed finds out that mystery girl has a boyfriend who is a white version of Abed (looked like he was played by Danny Pudi). Even though that was only good for a few second's laughs, it was too much like Ross/Russ from Friends ages ago. Another over the top moment was Jeff having a naked billiards battle with the coach. What can I say but "oh come on!"

    In the end, it was a fun episode and very entertaining but I definitely feel like there was not enough wit and too many sight gags in this episode which seems a bit out of sync with normal Community style. Danny Pudi is hilarious though and does a damn good Don Draper. And I have to say I'm starting to wonder if Britta really is a lesbian...
  • You want a summary of a sit com plot? Color of Money, only hilarious.

    I am throwing down the gauntlet. This was the funniest episode of a situation comedy, ever. It was perfectly choreographed, and I do not mean just the pool sequence, the entire show. Every reference was golden. All the characters meshed in this one show, bringing out their chemistry perfectly. To all who made this happen on the show, wow. If one person is responsible, who are you? This episode was brilliant. It would have been sacrilege to watch anything else that night, so I did not. Community stands alone on Thursdays, and on any night, of any year. Who knew? I do now. I have been catching the show sporadically, now i will catch up, and never miss it. The rest of NBC Thursday is unwatchable.
  • Hilarious episode, probably best one so far.

    I found this episode to be hilarious, although it seemed to be a slight departure from the usual Community formula. I thought perhaps the wit and the dialogue wasn't as sharp as it has been in some episodes, and maybe they went for a few slightly cheap laughs with the naked game of pool, but I certainly wasn't dwelling on this while I was watching - this episode made me laugh more then any other episode so far. I thought it was nice the way the whole gang rallied around Abed to get him a girl, and the way the situation was reversed and Abed destroyed their assumptions about him. And then the hilarity of the naked naked pool game, with all the gang rallying around Jeff. And the Bert and Ernie impersonations was a fun way to end.
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