Season 3 Episode 14

Pillows and Blankets

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Apr 05, 2012 on Yahoo

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  • An Epic Ep - Pillows and Blankets

    This was genius! The narration, the pace....and as always a sharp and witty script, different camera angles, slow motion...the works. Possibly my favouite episode in all 3 seasons...up there with the Paintball eps...Well done!!!
  • Second Best of the Show So Far

    I'm writing this after 315 was aired, which means that so far Community's had 64 episodes, of which only two or three have been disappointing to me and over sixty have been stunning, marvellous, fantastic ... yet, in my opinion, this one beats all but one of them (Remedial Chaos Theory, which IMO is still the best ever).

    It's just genius how they've achieved this: Community's in a league of its own and it's got its own language, its own inner jokes, its own Community way to be what it is. I love how they can take risks, for instance, this episode's the first where one of the main seven characters hasn't got any lines and becomes virtually an extra. Also one of the few episodes without the theme song. Love the whole drama of it, with the voiceovers and the scientifc way to describe the pillow and of course that man's outstanding voice and narration.

    In a way, I also see it as a Jeff vs Vice-Dean thing as the former ultimately performed the necessary damage control for what the latter had caused, both by being puppet masters for other people (especially the same two people). Love the malapropism and the lampshading, and of course Daybreak.

    Ever since Neil had his episode, I'd been wandering about him, and it's nice to see him happier and more confident now. I love Shirley being a badass, I love Britta being a failure, I love the way new characters are introduced (some may reappear later on, some may not), I love Jeff retaining some of his first-series quirks, I basically loved everything about this episode.
  • English Memorial

    Very very funny and extremely well written - it is about time they put some serious conflict between characters, and Troy and Abed nonetheless. The touch with the narrator was hilarious, and as a whole, a great story; a mixture of comedy and tragedy - and it seems like it was extremely fun to film.
  • 3x14 "Pillows and Blankets"

    This show is the best comedy on television at the moment. 'NUFF SAID!