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Season 3 Episode 14

Pillows and Blankets

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Apr 05, 2012 on Yahoo

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  • The Civil War Part 2

    This is another great gem, this show just keeps on supprising me and hasn't ran out of ammo yet. Who'd of thought that a pillow fight would become a grueling, brutal, tramatizing warfare and no one even dies. This episode basically parodies on the PBS documentry series "The Civil War" it's got some of the graphics, photography poses and shots only thing missing were good black and white photos (thanks a lot Britta). The villin music down to the narrator, Keith David was just great at narrating, I really like how he was sarcastic at times which I thought were some of the best and funniest quotes in the episode. Also liked that little reference joke with him at the end when he denies being in the show "The Cape" yeah I didn't think that show was great either.

    I just love how this episode truely behaved like a documentry from some of the rough cinematography as well as interviews which are hillarous. There were even some reference jokes like the shots of the activity in the tents is similar to some of the Gulf War footage, and also Pierce's plan on the armored pillow man obviously to the "Iron Man" movies. But what really drives it are each of the characteracter's behavors on how the war affected them like Sherley who acts like a seasoned army soilder, Annie a carring nurse, Jeff acting as a determined, idealistic if overly arrogant commander whom is fighting for all the wrong reasons, and of course both Troy and Abed whom are both hellbent on destroy one another for the stupidest reason ever that started the war in the first place actually same can be said for most other wars.

    But we do see that the war does get out of hand when both Troy and Abed then start to say some nasty and rather hurtful things to one another which makes the conflict become more than what it is. Even though Jeff didn't take the war seriously at first we see that it's taking it's toll on him psychologically and even physically as we see him grow a stubble. And he wants to talk to Anne to get perspective on things but Annie is unable or just not willing to help him due to her own troubles from the patients she attends to (how the hell anyone gets injured in a pillow fight is anyones guess) and her own feelings.

    Annie is partially right that Jeff does have a problem with exercising and dealing with his feelings appropritely or correctly. And that is the lesson of this episode which is to deal with feelings you have toward anyone or anything the right way. Troy and Abed both had conflicting opinons about something and instead of dealing with it maturely they made a rash and stupid decision to concoct a pointless war. But the end was touching as we see both of them decide to handle their conflict maturely and stop physically fighting each other because lets face it it's no contest with pillows as the only weapon, and in the end become friends.

    As a saying goes, it's beter to make friends than enimies.