Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Sep 17, 2009 on Yahoo

Episode Recap

The episode begins at Greendale Community College where the dean wishes everyone luck on their semester. Jeff meets Abed and asks him what the situation is with the blonde girl, Britta, in their Spanish test. After letting him know that Brita thinks she's going to fail Spanish, Jeff sees the benefit of keeping Abed around since he's such a wealth of information. Jeff knocks on the door of his old friend Professor Duncan who is shocked to see Jeff at Greendale. Jeff tells him that his law license was revoked since he didn't actually receive it from the US.

Jeff walks up to Britta in the cafeteria and in hopes of being able to spend some one-on-one time with her he tries to pass himself off as a board certified Spanish tutor. Britta does not seem to believe him at first, but says she'll go to his study group later that day in the library.

Jeff walks into the library and sees Britta, though they're interrupted by Abed. Jeff tries to get rid of him by sending him a text, telling him to go pee but Abed reads this out loud and things become a little awkward. Jeff receives a text message from Duncan to meet him on the field. Duncan tells Jeff he thinks he can obtain all the answers to all of his tests but says it's not very moral. However, Jeff is able to talk him into it. When he returns to the library he seems that the study group has expanded to include more people from their Spanish class.

Britta steps out for a minute and Jeff goes outside to talk to her. He tries to convince her to go to dinner instead of studying but she says that's not very responsible. She says they'll study first then go to dinner. The two rejoin the group where Jeff tries to delay the process of actually learning Spanish by doing group introductions. The group begins to argue and Jeff receives a call from Duncan to meet at his car. Duncan gives Jeff a sealed envelope which is supposed to contain all the answers to the semester's tests. In exchange he wants Jeff's car as collateral for the test answers.

Jeff returns to the library and thinks he has the situation under control, as well as dinner with Britta. The group disbands and Britta leaves Jeff – no dinner. Jeff opens the envelope only to discover a stack of blank paper. He goes to Duncan to get his car keys back. On the way to his car, Jeff sees the group sitting outside the library and since they're feeling sorry for Jeff they invite him back into the study group.