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  • If you don't find this show funny, you may need to get checked out...

    It may seem, at first glance, that this show is about a guy named Jeff Winger who unhappily winds up at a community college when his law degree is found to be less than legit, but it is really about so much more than that.

    In his first day, he starts a fake Spanish study group just to try and get closer to Britta Perry, but winds up with a room full of six other students, all varying in age, nationality and social backgrounds. he blows them all off at first, and Britta sees right through him. But, in the end, they accept him and he accepts them. This show has a lot of heart. After just the pilot I found myself really caring for the characters. Each of them bring something unique to the table: Jeff is the narcissistic leader; Britta is an activist (sort of); Shirley is the sweet mother hen; Annie is the smart one; Abed is so innocent and provides countless television references (LOVE IT!!); Troy is kinda dumb but can deliver a line and make me laugh every time; and Pierce, well... while he can be abrasive and bigoted, he definitely has his moments.

    This show will be one of my very top favorites for a very, very long time.
  • Meh

    From the previous reviews I expected a lot more. Constant comparisons to Stripes just confuse me as I have not seen it, likewise Chevy Chase does nothing for me, over this side of the pond he is nothing more than the dad from the National Lampoon's Vacation films, which are not top of my list for repeat viewing, and other stuff like Caddyshack and the Three Amigos. The concept of a Community College is another idea that doesn't really translate well to us overseas, and is not explained all that well. Then there's Jeff who is a dishonest lawyer (are there any other kind), not the most sympathetic of characters, I honestly don't care about the story of him going back to college because he lied about his education. I was interested to see John Oliver, but don't think he was used that well, either his accent has changed since being in America or he was asked to do a slightly different one from his normal one. He was much better in Important Things with Demetri Martin.
    Maybe this series gets a lot better but I was not blown away, at the moment it's sad to say that the only reason I will give episode 2 a viewing is because Britta and Annie are both beautiful and I liked the actress who plays Annie in Mad Men.
  • It gets better.


    Not a consistently barnstorming start from a tv show, but this has clearly done something well to get to Season 3.

    This first episode introduces an interesting group of characters, not all of which appear funny initially. That said, Abed is shaping up to be an all-time favourite.

    Regardless of what you think of this episode, do yourself a favour and push through to the second. It gets considerably better.

  • Better the second time.

    When I saw this episode when it first aired I wasn't overly impressed. The story seemed weak and it looked like it was going to be only a showplace for Joel McHale. However, I was immediately drawn to Abed. What a great character!

    I continued to watch the show, enjoying it more and more as the season progressed. I got to know the characters and felt like I wanted to be friends with each one. So much so that I purchased the season 1 DVD the week it was released.

    I watched the pilot episode on the DVD and saw its brilliance. Now that I know the characters I love this episode. It spends time setting up each seemingly stereotypical community college student in the study group. We needed this set-up episode in order to enjoy the rest of this stellar season.
  • Pilot episode.

    A good start to NBC's "Community" Watching it the first time around, I wouldn't say it was the strongest comedy in Prime-time, but it was still pretty good. We've got dynamic characters that all have a "thing" about them, which makes them intriguing. All of the characters are instantly likable, and some of the jokes unexpectedly worked here.

    Now I doubt this show will become one of my favorites but it's definitely better than some of the other stuff that's on TV right now from what I can see from the pilot. The end of the episode left us with a good feeling, and Jeff's speech was really great about what makes humans different from everything else.

    I do have to commend this show on it's writing, but I don't know if I have to commend the show on it's acting. Most of the actors are fairly new except Chevy Chase and Yvette Nicole Brown. But actors like Joel Mchale, I fail to take seriously, and I think we all know why.

    There are better pilots out there, but this is pilot is good enough to tune in next week.
  • Good pilot, didn't really come out as strong as Modern Family or other shows but introduced a great bunch of characters and an indication of how funny it would get.

    When I saw the pilot for the show, I didn't really think it was that great. I thought parts of it were good, but I just didn't feel it came out and swinging as the effortless Modern Family. This show began with an introduction of Jeff Winger, he is study gang full of nutcases including Pierce, Abed, Annie, Shirley, Britta, and Troy. The pilot really is about Jeff Winger having to enroll in Community College to get his law degree license back. The thing I liked about this episode is that they started out swinging, they didn't focus ultimately on Jeff losing his job and the typical storyline. Nope they showed him ready Day 1 to try and begin his new life. The first episode focuses on the study group being formed and Jeff supposedly thinking he has answers to the Spanish test which he really doesn't and ultimately abandoning the group only to later come back to the GROUP and start a new friendship. The pilot's ending worked kind of well and Abed's one line from the Breakfast club really was the highlight for me personally "Smoke it up Johnny." The pilot wasn't groundbreaking as someone else said, but it gave a strong indication Community would grow.
  • Definitely one to look out for. Will have to see if they can keep up the quick wit exchange.

    Just watched it on Hulu. I missed the airing of the pilot because it conflicted with a lot of other premieres. I definitely see some potential with this show. There was a lot of quick wit & Jeff's character is very likable. I think for a certain age group this will be a hit if they can get into it. I know I am in my 30s I found a lot of the quotes very funny. Younger or older than that maybe lost since there were a lot of pop culture references. I will definitely put it on my shows to watch list & see how things go with the next few episodes. :-)
  • A good start.

    After it is found out that Jeff's college degree is a fake and he is prevented from practicing law, he decides to go to the local community college in order to earn a real degree. A former client of his, Ian, is a professor at the school, and so Jeff comes up with a plan to bribe him to get the test answers for all of his classes. In the cafeteria, Jeff meets a girl named Britta and passes himself off as a Spanish tutor as an excuse to spend time with her. His plan is ruined though when, thinking that the study group is real, Britta invites Abed, who in turn invites 4 other friends from their Spanish class. Jeff causes tension in the group in an effort to get Britta alone. After Jeff leaves the group, he finds that the packet of test answers Ian gave him is empty. The rest of the group, falling apart in Jeff's absence, get up to leave. They find Jeff outside, who breaks down, saying that things have always been easy for him and now he doesn't know what to do. Everyone forgives him and they invite him back into the library to study. I thought I would give this a try sice people have told me it's good. I enjoyed watching this episode, I will be watching the next episode of course. I really like the characters so far - I'm guess they're the main characters, there all interesting. They also made me laugh a couple of times which is a good thing, looking forward to watch the next episode.
  • Britta, marry me!:)

    What's It About?: Jeff Winger, whose law degree has been revoked, and a bunch of misfits attend Greendale Community College and form unlikely bonds during the course of their stay.

    Don't expect a laugh-out-loud type of comedy from this show. I guess dry and awkward humor is the "in" thing when it comes to comedies these days. Joel McHale shines in his role as Jeff and has an able supporting cast around him. And having Chevy Chase among your lead actors is a plus. Nothing much can be gathered from the pilot except getting familiar with the characters using a Spanish class study group as its setting.

    Verdict: I'm usually more open to trying out comedies than dramas, so I'm sticking with this show. And Gillian Jacobs (Britta) is oh-so-pretty, so how can I not watch the show? Kidding! It has stiff competition in its Thursday slot, so not getting the NBC axe will be a challenge.
  • It wasn't groundbreaking, but you can definitely see a lot of good ideas. This show has a lot of promise.

    First of all, the only reason I'm watching it is because Joel Mchale is in it, and I love the Soup. But in the show's own right, it has a lot of potential. For those who are negative from the start, the pilot, in particular, is supposed to set up exposition for the rest of the series, so naturally you're going to be introduced to a lot of new characters so the real story can begin. The premise of the show is what interests me the most, being a community college student. I look forward to a lot of jokes about community college and hopefully a decent story with good chemistry and jokes that are both intelligent and hilarious (somewhat like The Office.) So here's to Community may it see past this Fall season, and may it blossom into a classic TV show.
  • Great Start

    Jeff Winger, a lawyer whose degree has been revoked, finds himself at Greendale Community College where he forms a study group consisting of Pierce, Britta, a 28-year old drop out; Shirley, a middle-aged and recently divorced woman; Abed, a pop-culture junkie; Annie, a perfectionist; Troy, a former high school football hero; and Senor Chang, the Spanish professor. This was a decent start to the series, funny at times and Chevy Chase was good. one annoying factor is the British guy he is annoying but I think this show has some potential. Will keep watching to see if it stays on track.
  • Series Premiere.

    This is the first NBC comedy, possibly first NBC Show that I've thought I would like and that has potential to becoming a show I like. The premiere episode of this new comedy sereis was good. I admit it was hilarious, but its a pilot episode. I was very entrigued with the storylines and characters. Joel McHale from The Soup was great as the lead. It was great seeing Helen from Drake & Josh again in a bigger role. She was great as Shirley, the middle aged divorcee. I hope she gets great storylines laer on throughout the series. This show seems to have potential and it looks like it has many great storylines on its way. I just don't like that It's going to be switched to 8 o clock when I want to want FlashForward and Vampire Diaries.
  • College Fair

    - This new nbc comedy takes a look back at the life of community college. The shows centers around a laywer who's needs to go back to college inorder to be a lawyer again. Jeff first week of school has not been smooth so he asks one of the teachers for answers to the test for the entire year. His good friend doesnt want to but then bring to weird situations thinking about the matter. Jeff sees a women named Britta who needs help with spanish since Jeff is in that class he creates a study group. With the thought he can get closer to her. It backfires when other people join the group. Shirley, a divorced mother who is going back to school, Abed, a weird student, Annie, a pill popper who dropped out of highschool, Troy, injured himself so he could not get a football scholarship and holds onto his highschool years and Pierce who has been divorced 7 times and counting. The group finds out that Jeff lied just to get with Britta, Jeff leaves thinking he has all of the answers to the test but finds out he doesnt, since it was just a trick by his freind to get his car. In the end Jeff gets his car back and returns to the group after they find out it's time to move on that be in the past. Overall i thought this was actually a good episode, for a first episode it was great and funny. I cant wait to see how this goes on with the story line.
  • Pretty good pilot (and Joel McHale + Chevy Chase + Donald Glover in the same show? Amazing.)

    I tried not to listen to all the things I heard about Community before it aired, whether it was good or bad (for some reason, I heard a lot of bad stuff, but I tried to stay objective and not listen). Having watched it, I have to say I was very surprised and found myself laughing as much as any of the other premieres tonight.

    Community definitely contains a lot of the same elements as the comedies on NBC, or even FX (characters who don't care much about the rules or other people, do whatever they want.. same as Michael Scott, or any of It's Always Sunny cast), but for some reason, the combination of these actors and the lines they're given are perfect. I found Jeff's speech at the end to be very good, somehow finding a way to combine pencils, Shark Week, Ben Affleck and soup into a coherent motivational speech. And Pierce, Troy and Abed all proved to be funny characters who hopefully will grow over time.

    The only thing I'm worried about with the show is that it's humor will end up leading to its demise. It's not exactly the best written show on TV, nor is it the most entertaining. It's way above average, and with time could become a great show. However, networks are known for cancelling shows right off the bat if they don't do good, so hopefully NBC will stick with Community and give it time to get better and let its characters grow a little more.

    I was definitely surprised by this (pleasantly surprised) and hope to see this get picked up for a full season.
  • We meet Jeff Winger and the group of misfits that make up his class at Greendale Community College. Jeff has no scruples as he was a lawyer and besides trying to get all the answers to the tests for his classes, he starts a study group to meet a girl.

    Very funny first episode with a group of students that span the whole of humanity. You have the young innocent girl, the middle age women housewife with two kids, the well known obnoxious businessman, the high school homecoming King and football star, the ethnic nerdy student, and the hot girl who has gone back to school to really learn. In comes Jeff Winger, a former lawyer that finally got caught for having a degree from Columbia University (not the one in the US) and lost his ability to practice law. Luckily for him, one of his clients who is a former British National and is a teacher at Greendale. He figures this guy owes him so he asks for the answers to all the questions for his classes that semester. Of course he can't have them meaning he will have to study for the first time in his life.

    We are destined to spend the year learning how Jeff and his new friends cope with Community College. In the end they all decide to study for the test tomorrow instead of just failing. There is strength in a group even if the group is a little dysfunctional. Nice comedic timing and very funny for a first episode. Some expected bits and some unexpected results combine with a genuine likability to this cast. All of the cast members including McHale and Chase seem very comfortable in their parts. This could be some very funny stuff. Thanks for reading...
  • A smart comedy (set in a community college) with a pilot that introduces us to a quirky ensemble cast while employing an entertaining plot regarding Spanish tutoring gone awry.

    As a huge fan of 'The Soup's' Joel McHale and 'The Daily Show's' John Oliver, I resolved to watch the pilot whether funny or crummy. I'm so glad it was the former (and after doing some research it's no wonder; with directors from Arrested Development, another of my fave shows, this was bound to be snarky) The show starts with a guy offering an uninspiring speech about community college life (a speech that briefly clues us in on which students we'll be focusing on, mainly: the remedial teens, the twenty-something drop-out, the middle-aged divorcee, and old people. Yeah.)Then we're introduced to self-absorbed, slick talking lawyer Jeff Winger. He tries to call in a favor with a former client who's a psychology professor at that college but it takes much needling, screaming, and name-calling until he can get an affirmative on getting the answers to every test.

    The main part of the plot comes around when Jeff tries to impress the aforementioned twenty-something drop out, Britta. He offers to tutor her in Spanish, after finding out from a quirky, rapid talking student named Abed that she's having trouble in that class (nevermind that Jeff does *not* know Spanish. He's a lawyer. He can B.S his way out of anything, and in fact does throughout the episode, to varying degrees of success.) As can probably be predicted things don't go smoothly for Jeff and his object of affection. The study group attracts several people and the clash in personalities (largely egged on by Jeff) provide much humor.

    The ending has a nice little message when it turns out Jeff won't be getting the answers he wanted from the moral-spouting psychologist. Hopefully Jeff'll have the anti-Breakfast Club by his side, particularly the crazy-funny Abed, for better or worse in that "school shaped toilet".