Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Sep 17, 2009 on Yahoo

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  • Better the second time.

    When I saw this episode when it first aired I wasn't overly impressed. The story seemed weak and it looked like it was going to be only a showplace for Joel McHale. However, I was immediately drawn to Abed. What a great character!

    I continued to watch the show, enjoying it more and more as the season progressed. I got to know the characters and felt like I wanted to be friends with each one. So much so that I purchased the season 1 DVD the week it was released.

    I watched the pilot episode on the DVD and saw its brilliance. Now that I know the characters I love this episode. It spends time setting up each seemingly stereotypical community college student in the study group. We needed this set-up episode in order to enjoy the rest of this stellar season.