Season 3 Episode 10

Regional Holiday Music

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Dec 08, 2011 on Yahoo

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  • Trimming The Hellraiser

    How awesome is this show?? I'd promised myself not to watch it anymore until next year (I'm trying to cut down. My therapist says I watch too much TV). But 30 seconds into tonight's episode 'Regional Holiday Music', and I was telling my resolve to go take a hike.

    This episode was 22 minutes of pure comedy gold! There have been a lot of failed comedies this season and I want all of them to take notes. As far as I'm concerned, this was a hit-or-miss episode, and if any show on the face of the galaxy could pull it off, it's Community. Bear in mind, tonight's show wasn't nearly as good as 'Remedial Chaos Theory' or 'Modern Warfare', but compare this to any episode of Whitney (blech) or even New Girl (the 'breakout' comedy of this season). The difference is in light years.

    I'm proud to admit I've never seen a single episode of Glee, nor will I ever see one. A lot of Glee fanatics would not have been amused by this.

    Lines like 'Abed, you look gleeful' made me laugh like a hyena! This show had its share of funny moments including Annie's embarrassing bit for Jeff (accompanied by a proportional drop in her IQ. Yikes, Glee fans must be livid!), Dr. Gleekenstein's (actually his name was Cory) hissy fit and to top it all off the most delightful forty seconds of my life which involved Dean Pelton, Senor Chang, Star Burns, Lenard, Magnitude and a bunch of Christmas ornaments. Genius!

    And how long have we waited for Troy and Abed to re-enter the rap scene?? Ever since 'La Biblioteca' entered my life, I have yearned for the moment when these two would break it down again. Bravo, you crazy freaks!


    - Wanna guess what my new ringtone is gonna be? No, not Troy and Abed's rap song. Britta singing as the Mouse King was music to my ears.

    - Fun fact. I used to be a reverse bully in high school.

    - Taran Killiam was just plain irritating as Cory. Bring him back soon!

    - The 'three wise monkeys' scene by the girls during Troy and Abed's study room performance was so hilariously subtle. Just how much thought do they put into this show??

    Explain to me again WHY this show isn't coming back for NBC's mid-season schedule, because I am thoroughly nonplussed.
  • It grows on you.

    I wouldn't call it a masterpiece and I'm sad that for the first time it's a truly unrealistic episode (all the others could have an explanation in real life, even the far-fetched zombie plot on S2's Halloween or the hypnosis on the previous Xmas), and I admit I hated it at first (and no, I'm not a hurt Glee fan - I've only watched one episode of Glee and thought it was completely stupid), but it eventually grew on me as it's still got some of the genuine Community factors that I love, like obsessive lampshading.
  • Community does Glee better than Glee! That's nice... ;)

    This episode was just EPIC!!!!

    I love that they did a Glee episode on Community!! ;) And they did it in style!! Amazing!! Just the way they went about with the recruiting!! Brilliant!

    Troy and Abed rap, I'm speechless! Can't get it out of my head, and hoping they put it out for sale on iTunes or something so I can buy it and show that I support the show! (..or else, I'll find it elsewhere though)

    Just EPIC!
  • "We have to save Christmas to save our friends!"

    Confession time- I totally watch Glee. Color me guilty. But it's really sucked this past season so I welcomed some lampooning. And really Community did one better- they wrote their own songs and had me smiling and laughing the entire time. Plus I enjoyed the shots at Glee like the random singing between scenes, the dead ringer for the piano player who's treated like a piece of furniture, and the piano playing all by itself. After all, Glee is the answer when questions are wrong!

    Please note- stage parents? Teach your little money maker not to mouth the lines of the big people actors. It's really distracting. Yeah, I'm looking at you little curly headed girl in the kids choir (and Hermoine in the first Harry Potter movie).

    And lastly, I have that Santa mug that makes a brief appearance in the Trobed rap. It's from the 2010 Target collection and it just became even more awesome.
  • Glee Fever


    There is an evil epidemic in Greendale and it's called Glee. This I thought was a very good Christmas episode even though it's not quite the best in my book. On a sidenote I sincerely hope this will not be the end of the show it shouldn't be, this show has plenty of story and life left, so please don't pull the plug.

    Anyway, back to the episode, I like is that in a way it's almost formated like a slasher film, we see each and everyone of the character drop like flies one by one as they all catch Glee fever.

    I really like hearing all of the characters sing even one that couldn't sing which was Britta at the end singing as the part of the king in the pagent which was comic silver. From hearing Abed and Troy doing rap. As well as hearing Pierce and even Shirley sing (I thought she was the best of the bunch). But my favorate moment was with Annie which was hillarous. I liked seeing how the Glee fever has made her I.Q. drop, but become more foward with Jeff when we see her trying to seduce him from that Christmas dress she wore which was turning Jeff on and even me, I don't know why may'be it's the fact she's wearing red. Ahem, anywayI really liked the song she sang which was bizzare, funny, and kinda dirty, she kinda sounded like cartoon character Betty Boop. And we see in the end that even Jeff whom hates Glee with every fiber in his soul is not immune, as we see in one scene which was an homage joke to the 1978 version of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" that infamous ending.

    I really liked the motives of Abed which I felt made him sympathtic because all he wanted was for all of them to spend time together one more time before they all took off to see their families for Christmas. I can emphasize with that a bit because Christmas Vacation is a long holiday away from your frends which is why I like to have one more time with my friends and even girlfriend, like going to a party, some place fun, watching a movie together, anything just for one more good time. I really like how he saves his friends (and their lives litterally) at the end once he finds out the evil sceme as well as the Glee instructor missing a few keys; despite the fact not going though with the pagent means he won't have his final time with his friends but their well being was more important. But at the end Abed suceeded when we see all his friends coming in to watch a really crappy (and banned) Christmas movie with him, that was a sweet moment and it also signifies what I truely love about Christmas which is bring everyone we know and love together.

    So happy holidays.

  • If this episode did not make you smile or laugh ear to ear the entire time it was on then you may need to go check your pulse quick. Well written lyrics, well performed over the top but charmingly well executed bits. Reminder of the potential it has.


    I firmly believe that this is not only one of the best episodes of community ever, but for any 30 minute television comedy series in quite some time. The songs were epic, the parodies were quick but sharp. Unfortunate NBC does not see what we see in them.

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