Season 3 Episode 4

Remedial Chaos Theory

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Oct 13, 2011 on Yahoo

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  • I love how Abed rules the universe

    This is one of the best episodes in a show filled with great episodes. Not sure why they end up with overall poor ratings.
  • Flawless

    I've been watching American sitcoms since the early '80s and this is by far the funniest episode of any sitcom I've ever seen. The only one which comes close is the episode of Frasier where Niles and Daphne are dancing the tango. Simply brilliant.

    Non-stop laughs the entire time. Brilliant moments that stay true to the characters, an amazingly creative concept which is still ultimately just about one person getting out of the room to answer the door for a pizza delivery guy, leading to such overall insanity.

    I don't even know what to say. So many laugh-out-loud moments. Britta's pizza dance! Troy's candy cigarette! Pierce with Eartha Kitt and airplanes! The dance they did to The Police's Roxanne, I so wanted to be there in that party! And NORWEGIAN TROLLS!

    Holy mother of sitcoms, words fail me... Dan Harmon for president!!
  • Wow. ...Um, Wow!


    This is possibly the best episode of any tv series that I have seen ever. That is insane! Even if you don't watch the show, it would still be worth watching this, there is enough revealed about the characters that you could watch is as a totally new viewer. The way this is directed and acted out kept me on the edge of my seat, wishing that a 20 minute episode would never end, and this is a COMEDY show! Damn. That was very impressive.

  • "Clearly you don't understand anything about defeating trolls." Genius.


    I was sceptical about giving this show a chance as I didn't care much for the synopsis and assumed it would be a cliche-ridden waste of my time.

    I was overjoyed to be proven so wrong.

    As the series has progressed and the characters have found their individual voices and personalities it has gone from strength to strength, in my humble opinion. Sure, some episodes are funnier than others, but it has the ability to make me laugh out loud every time I watch it.This episode highlighted some of the intimate dynamics between the characters in a hilarious way and is an ideal jumping-on point for anyone new to the series as it gives you a great idea of how the show works without having to have seen past episodes to get any in-jokes.I could write more about nuances inherent in the charaters and the interplay between them, but instead I'll just recommend that you watch this episode and hope that you find it as funny as I do.

    "Time flys when I'm baking!""No, it doesn't."

    Still makes me cry with laughter at the Troy/Pierce scenes and the final/funeral scene.

  • This was seriously one of the funniest episodes I've ever seen, not just for Community, but period.


    My all-time favorite show is Seinfeld and I've laughed more and harder with that show than any... until now. There's a scene when Troy leaves to get the pizza that made me laugh so hard I couldn't breathe and I kept laughing through the commercial break and when the show came back I had to pause it because I couldn't see. I'd rather not spoil it for anyone but it's safe to say any fan of Community won't be able to contain themselves.

    I've also been looking for an episode for this show that I can have friends watch that would rope them in. I tried 'Modern Warfare' but that didn't work too well and neither did some of the other fantastic 'special' episodes. Reason being, you need to understand the characters to get that wacky humor. This one will work perfectly since the 6 different timelines give you a fantastic idea of who these characters are and it's hilarious as well. It's undoubtedly my 'Soup Nazi' episode that I'll be able to count on.

    It's also very much needed because I've felt, to this point, this season hasn't been as good as the previous 30+ episodes have been. It's been a little too 'out there' in a disturbing way rather than a funny way. Hopefully they take this momentum and roll with it.

  • I think its safe to say that this episode of community was there best ever.


    When i was thinking about what i should score this episode i was thinking a 9 or 9.5 because idon'tgive a perfect score all the time. I decided that this episode deserves a perfect score because this episode did everything right.

    The episode was about Troy and Abed having a party in there newapartment and the whole study group shows up. They order pizza and nobody want to go get it. The rest of the episode is about each of the 7 members going to get the pizza and seeing what happens differently when each character leaves.

    When each character leaves, we get to see what kind of impact that character has on the group. For example when Jeff left the rest of the group started dancing, when Troy left theapartment caught on fire and Pierce got shot in the leg.

    Quote of the Episode: "Time to playYahtzee, I rolled a 7, now how to playYahtzee."

  • Best. Episode. Ever.


    So funny, so pognant, so meta, so interesting. I've always loved the Rashomon effect/approach and for two years had been waiting for Community to do it, and my wish finally came true.

    I wonder if by saying that I created a different timeline in which I was disappointed because my expectations were too high and virtually impossible to meet...

    But, at least in this timeline, I absolutely loved the episode.

    Interesting to see all those different mini-plots and the relationship between the characters, and how some got resolution, some were postponed ... or left unresolved or upstaged by something else.

    Very much in-character too. All of them.

    Best episode ever!

  • "Do I need to refill the toilet olives?"

    I want a vending machine skin for my fridge! In this episode, we're introduced to Troy and Abed's new apartment. The housewarming party is explored in different timelines as each member of the study group takes their turn getting the pizza.

    I loved this episode. My friends and I actually refer to Abed's theory of alternative timelines when we can't decide between multiple things to do. We once found ourselves in the dark timeline when the restaurant ruined our dinner and we've been trying to find our way back to the primary timeline ever since. I need to make myself a felt goatee, but I don't know where to buy felt.

    As much as I enjoyed this episode, I did get annoyed by the continuity issue of Shirley constantly touching the presumably hot pan she'd just pulled from the oven. Why didn't she have matching religious themed oven mitts to protect her poor fingers?
  • Six different timelines of Community


    All shows (or at least a lot of them) seem compelled to do a Rashomon style episode sooner or later. There's just something about the idea of seeing things through the perspective of other characters and seeing the difference in how everybody sees things that makes for compelling television. I wouldn't say this episode of Community is exactly a "Rashomon" style episode, but it's certainly close in the way we get six different stories that are similar but have very subtle differences throughout that lead to very different conclusions. Think of it as Fringe and Rashomon's odd offspring.

    Each of the six different timelines zoom by in about two or three minutes, and each one, while similar in some ways, end up in very different places. There's some similarities (Jeff banging his head, Jeff turning down Britta's singing, Troy being freaked out over the troll, Abed sort of flitting around the edges, Britta getting high), but as we get closer and closer to the real timeline, it becomes clear that Jeff is the culprit that's tearing them all apart. When he's the one who goes and gets the pizza, people get along. It leads into an incredibly touching ending that is sad in a way; the way Jeff stands off to the side, watching everybody else have fun... I know Jeff can be a "crafty jack-rabbit," as Annie says, but I still feel bad for the guy.

    I'm not just rating the episode high because it was a "concept episode." It was legitimately funny as well. The scene where Troy sees the troll sitting in the ring of fire was incredible (in fact, that whole evil timeline was great even if it was a bit too absurd). Britta has continued to be the dark horse of the season, moving out of her comfort zone for the last few episodes. I still think Shirley doesn't get enough to do and it was nice to get a break from Chang here.

    Overall, the episode was nearly a bottle episode, with them never leaving the apartment. And we all know this show does bottle episodes perfectly. For me, this was the first classic of Season 3.

  • Good? This ep was great!


    This was one of the most creative television episodes I've watched in a very long time. It beautifully captured the dynamic of the study group with each character getting an equal opportunity to "show their stuff." It was a well conceived and executed episode, in my opinion, perhaps one of their best.