Season 5 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Jan 02, 2014 on Yahoo

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  • Why so much hate? O_

    It's pretty obvious that Dan Harmon is back to the show and it's excellent. The first episode felt a bit it was a very difficult thing to pull IMO, the team did very well. Excellent season so far!
  • Community's back and with a classic end tag again!

    Maybe it's just me but I loved the end Tag with Abed playing with his footage and for some reason I just cracked up when Abed ate Jeff and then Farted him out! So juvenile but I loved it, with Jeff looking at him, reminded me of Dr. Cox from Scrubs in that moment, so a little Scrubs 2for in that episode!

    Welcome back Community, I never missed a class and looking forward to the coming semester with ya!
  • Those Who Can't, Teach

    Sweet! A true return to form.
  • A new era begins

    This did a good job of sending the series into the new direction we knew it would go into. I like how the show was not afraid to make fun of itself (The Scrubs jokes, the Pierce hologram, how the characters have changed since the first episode for better or worse).
  • Very good come back!

    Very good episode for the come back. Some very funny things, the pretexts of the group coming back are quite well done. Donald GLover is a reminder in that episode of how much the show will miss him.

    Just not a fan of the troll on Chase and his apparition.