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  • wish i found this earlier!

    i was just introduced to this about a week ago. finished the first season within 2 days. the showed kept me laughing and glued to the tv! the characters are so easy to relate to and fall in love with. pierce's oldness cracks me up!!!
  • New to the series

    I just started this series and love it. Where was I when this show came out? LOVE IT! Abed is my favourite character. Hilarious!
  • Fun to watch but wore thin

    I loved watching this show but somewhere in the third season I started to turn on it for some reason. I do enjoy the show but the appeal isn't as strong as it was once. Perhaps it is getting a little too cartoon like? What ever it may be I will watch the next season as well and will enjoy it I am sure. It just won't be a highlight show compared to my other options.
  • So funny

    I absolutely adore this show. I need it. they go to far in their comedy but just exactly the correct amount of too far. I can't pick a favorite character, they are all crazy. And I can identify with all of them.
  • Come On Son!

    Come on son! This show is amazing! Extremely likeable characters, hilarious story lines, jokes every 30 seconds or less, and i mean jokes that make you cackle till your eyes are wet!

    I was devastated when i heard NBC cancelled Community...BUT luckily they came out of their shame-induced coma of complete stupidity and decided to renew it! But still only 13 episodes! What is this...

    Anyway i recommend this to everyone and it is by far the best comedy out there. Let's be honest for a moment...The Big Bang Theory holds nothing on Community. Community is the having Cold-Rock ice-cream in Manly, while The Big Bang Theory is like having half frozen, half-melted glucose free soy ice-cream form a old man dressed in overalls selling it in a alleyway in Kings Cross...

    See no comparison...i want cold rock, what do you want?

    And shame on all of you who rated Community 1 or 0.5, clearly you must like Nickleback...


  • I can't stop thinking about or talking about this show! The FUNNIEST tv show EVER!

    I can't say enough how much I love this show. I want to tell everyone who hasn't see it to hurry home and watch it right away. I had heard friends of mine say that it was really funny and after a while I decided to try it. I had seen The Soup and thought Joel McHale was funny so I gave it a try. You fall in love with the characters within the first few episodes. I really genuinely cared about all of them while watching. But I didn't know that it was going to be this funny! I watched it all on Hulu in a matter of days (I just couldn't stop). In season 2 things got a little weird for a while. It definitely wasn't as good as the first season. But, they brought it back with season 3. In season 2 it was fight after fight threatening to break the group up and nobody wanted to see that. Even though Pierce brought a lot of it on himself, I hated how they were always trying to find a way to kick him out of the group. Once they realized that they were a family and could get past anything it was much better... the paintball episodes were awesome, especially the cameo of Josh Holloway!!!! All the episodes are smart and hilarious. The guest stars are great. The chemistry between the characters is wonderful and I LOVE the hookups. I really despised the Jeff / Annie relationship until Britta / Troy relationship presented itself. All in all, this show is incredible, funny and one I hope they keep making for seasons and seasons to come...
  • Most creative comedy out there

    This show is just great. I don't know any other show that is as diversified and funny as community.
  • Has its moments

    This is a pretty good show, the characters are funny, especially Troy and Abed,

    It's diverse and unique, and overall a well developed and funny show.

    Also the paintball episodes were awesome! xD
  • I love the show!

    I am really enjoying this show, it is funny, it has great characters, they come up with some original jokes. every episode is different from the last, which makes every episode fun to watch. it is my favorite show at the moment. i can't wait for the triple episodes this week.
  • Copied off the big bang theory?

    WTF, no it didnt, jeff and leonard are nothing alike, penny is the exactly the kind of person Britta hates and the only similarity between sheldon and abed is they both have some kind of disorder, abeds character is 100x funnier! the only similarity between any of these characters is that thyre the same sex.
  • TBBT? Seriously?

    This might be the most brilliantly written comedy since Arrested Development. It doesn't insult the audience with tired cliches or a ridiculously outdated laugh track. Guess what? If a show is ACTUALLY funny, we don't need long pauses filled with fake laughter to be TOLD when to laugh. TBBT is more popular because it has a larger demographic. Namely: people who think that the punchline to every joke should be 'they're REALLY nerdy'. We get it. Hilarious.
  • TBBT is way better

    This show copied the best comedy on tv right now,The Big Bang Theory!Britta is Penny,the main guy is leonard,the guy who talks too much is Sheldon/Raj,I just don't find it funny,i watched the first two episodes,and i just don't like it,The Big Bang Theory on the other hand is just too funny and it's my favorite show.I just don't like community,and also Penny says she never when to community collage in the 2nd season.Just don't judge me,i simply don't like it
  • So underated yet so good

    I read an article about this show being canceled and i watched the first episode to see why.

    Once i started the first ep i can't stop and spent 6 hours straight watching the later episodes. The chemistry between the actors are one or if not the best available now. The pop culture references are almost always spot on and don't feel a little bit pushy like in The Big Bang Theory. Maybe i was just sick of watching comedy sitcoms with laugh tracks in the background telling us when to laugh.

    Probably that.

    I finished the first season and asked my friends if they have watched the show. To my surprise none of them have ever heard of the show. Maybe the title of the show isn't as appealing to most people but the show is the best comedy sitcom i have ever watched since Scrubs ended.


  • Light-hearted and Fun.

    An enjoyable show.

    Hopefully it will get many more seasons.

    Ken Jeong as Seor Chang has some great moments.
  • "Community" is my new favourite show. It has everything I love and long for in a good comedy: a great cast, some dry-wit writing and a lot of popculture references!


    Admittedly, I am a little addicted to this edgy comedy. The ensemble cast works like a neat little machine because they're all funny, touching, unbelievably annoying and quirky in their own way. They all get their chance to shine due to the great writing.

    Jeff (Joel McHale) serves as the protagonist and 'straight man' of the group. He has a lot on his plate as he tries to work his way through community college because his law degree was not valid. Turns out, Columbia, the country, is not the same as Columbia, the prestigious Ivy League-university. He joins a Spanish study-group as he tries to hit on Britta (Gillian Jacobs), a beautiful but highly judgmental and insecure girl. Aside from being a major buzz-kill, she's been in The Peace Corps and is a vegetarian.

    Abed (Danny Pudi), the socially awkward popculture-enthusiast and Troy (Donald Glover), the former high school jock, are sweet and silly as a truly bromantic couple. Their chemistry is so good that one would honestly believe them to be friends in real life. "Troy and Abed in the Morning" should be an actual show, I'd definitely watch it. And then there's Pierce, a gentleman with race-issues, played by the brilliant Chevy Chase. Pierce is a bit older than the rest, and sometimes doesn't really follow the conversation, although he's had a blooming international career in the moist towlette-business.

    Annie (Allison Brie) is the youngest of the group. She starts community college after no other university would take her after she had a mental breakdown in high school. She's very ambitious and bossy, but looks up to the other members of the study-group, Jeff in particular. Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) is a 40-something divorced Christian housewife with (MINOR SPOILER) three children. She attends Greendale in order to get a degree in business.

    Beside this great ensemble cast, the secondary characters are equally fun and lovable. Ken Jeong steals the show as the borderline psychopath Senor Chang, and Jim Rash obviously has the time of his life playing the bi-curiously flamboyant Dean Pelton, who obsessively wants Greendale to be a real university. I can go on and and on...!

    This show is brilliant because it addresses a lot of sitcom-staples, and it even uses in-jokes to emphasize its own absurdity. It deals with problems but never gets corny or sappy. And it thankfully doensn't use a laughtrack which, in my opinion, makes it all the better. Eventhough I personally don't think that the pilot is the best episode, I'd recommend everyone to start watching "Community", you'll fall in love with it!

  • Best show on TV

    This show is great. I never miss it and watch many episodes repeatedly.
  • Funniest Sitcom on TV

    It's original, great characters and an excellent cast to pair it with. The writing in this show is simply fantastic. A refreshing change of pace in the sitcom world. Best comedy show on TV right now, period. If you don't like this show, you must hate laughing.
  • Needs to Return!

    This show is amazing, I can't believe NBC isn't pumping out as much of this as they can! Bring back this witty show!
  • Community Rocks!

    I can agree that Big Bang was a great show about science geeks, which I love, but it has lacked in the past two seasons. Community has never failed in any way, it has and always be the funniest show ever! From not needing a laugh track, to chases around the set (which isn't an apartment or coffee shop) all the references they do, it's the best show. Phenominal writing, the actors, I can't pick a favourite, they are all fantastic! Keep writing and voicing to the networks, we need our Community back!!
  • i love it!!

    im addicted!! =] yay i love it, i love Abed we both always watch tv. im glad this show was made, my brother always uses those stupid references from Family guy, i mean i get Family Guy's references, but him constantly using them made me hate shows that have tv or movie references. I really have to thank because they constant complaint of this show being off-air made me curious to try this show and when i discovered the beauty of it, i fell in love! <3 and im the only person in my high school who watches this show so i guess i have good taste =]
  • The two greatest Comedys of this century

    Even though i think The Big Bang Theory is the best comedy of this century Community is such a close follow up that some episodes beat the crap out of some of The Big Bang Theory's episodes. And this can't be said enough "Abed rules"
  • The Best and one of the greatest

    I can recall a lot of great shows, especially of late, so many shapes and size, with great actors and stories, but this one tops most of not all of them!!

    You have to see it to believe it, what starts as a typical comedy, evolve to an amazing mix of every entertainment in modern society, from remix of old TV shows, movies, musicals and video games, and uses every trick in the visual book to tell great, funny, emotional stories, that keeps you smiling for the rest of the week, till the next episode.

    so we got a great cast, great writing, great imagination and appreciation to anything done before them, which leads to one of the best show ever made! THERE'S SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!

    Now this is my first and probably last review i make on a show, but when i saw it didn't return from the mid-season break i got worried, don't let them take it off the air, this show is great!
  • Back to school...

    I started to watch this show while waiting for some others that i'm following to resume. So i didn't expect much as to be entertained briefly. The show took me by surprise and, as i watch more and more, i find myself loving it. The characters are good and very well played by the respective actors... And although the series starts of low paced it really picks up, featuring actors like Jack Black or Owen Wilson in some episodes that are really memorable. In final note, it is a show that i would recommend to everyone, it's very entertaining...

    I just would like to mention my disappointment when i see voters giving it a perfect ten, and others a true zero. It's misleading and a childish thing to do... i've only given one perfect ten, to a show that i followed from start to finish, thru eight amazing years. And i've never given a zero in any review that i made, because nothing is really that bad... and only very, very few are really that good.

    Have a nice day everyone ;)
  • Perfection.

    The show is perfect. Not only is it self-referential, the pace is fast-paced and it works, the episodes are like mini movies, the characters are always hilarious and in character, and the jokes work every time because of the chemistry between the actors. Despite the fact that NBC have Britta'd the schedule, Community is the smartest show on television in a world where the Kardashians may as well run for presidency.
  • One of the greatest comedy shows

    Many people seems to have the opinion that Community is offensive, racist and boring. I have to ask myself: have they ever seen it? I really can't see anything racist in the show. They are making fun of every race, arabs, black, and white people. It is all done with irony. Same thing goes for all of the religions represented in the show, because it really says that no religion is better than the other. If someone says something else, please watch the show and return with something concrete. I think it's a really good show and I really hope that it wont get cancelled.
  • Genius!

    This is one of my absolute favorite shows! Dan Harmon and the writers are just amazing! And the actors, awesome!!

    The show has everything! Every race, every religion, all types of personalities, different types of friendship.. EVERYTHING!!

    and it doesn't stop at just having everything! It has great continuity, and it's super funny!!

    You connect with all the characters easily, yet there is always some mystery to them.

    Every single episode is a surprise, and it always builds on something awesome, or has a hilarious parody on another show or movie.

    I love it! and you should check it out as well ;)
  • Not a funny show, Not a Good show.

    I gave this show three chances. I really couldn't understand what I didn't like about it as I am a huge Joel McHale fan. I've seen him live and he was great. I will still watch The Soup for as long as he's on it. But, I could not get into this show at all. It seemed like a really long show - that's how unfunny it was. I felt like man, this kept going on for hours. But, I wanted to give it a shot since sometimes shows improve post-pilot. Not the case with "Community" - I don't want to fault McHale but I really didn't think he was very funny either.
  • Good..BUT,

    this is a good show..
    but what i hate about it ... is.. that its anti-religon . it keeps making fun of religon , especially christianity and islam !!
    i have lost count of how many times they have made fun of jesus !!!
    Why make fun of that , why ???
    knowing that it will hurt other people feelings .
    why not respect other peoples beliefs ?
    it is strange ! there are great episodes that does not enclude insults ... yet they are funny!!
    but most of the episodes are very very very insulting .
    the why remains a mystrey to me .
    i wish that they respect others .


    This show is amazing, it has so much humor without even knowing it, it plays on things perfectly and pokes fun at different movies, events etc in a refreshing way!! This show should run forever!! I love each character and its not often where you love the entire main cast!! Everyone should watch this show!! It's hard to find good T.V. these days, this is worth the 20min every night, even though I wish it were longer, but as long as it's on my screen every week am happy!! ^_^

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