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  • I'm not much for sitcoms but, wow...

    Started to watch this show on a whim, it's one of those I've heard a lot about but never really got into. The truth is, I rarely watch sitcoms of any type. This is going to be an exception.

    The two things that truly make this show stand out are the characters, that are intensely outrageous at times, and the creativity. Suppose if Family Guy were live action, this would be it.

    Really can't take the show seriously, but it's a sitcom so that's alright. I would have given it a 10 but recently saw articles where Chevy Chase was complaining about doing the show. That would have been alright had he left after the pilot, but the show is over now. So, Chevy really needs to shut up unless he choose not to cash his paychecks out of protest. Yeah, RIGHT! LOL
  • Community at its best makes me laugh just as much as any other great comedy

    This is a series that plays to the vanity of everyday people. You have to be knowledgeable in pop culture, memes, social media trends and the Community universe itself in order to understand it, validating a whole lot of useless knowledge that we proudly carry around. Community, is smart in a narrow way. When it comes to pointing out the conventions and tropes of movies and TV shows, it's genius. But pretty dumb and shallow about everything else. I appreciate Community's frequently brilliant humour, but I'm just as turned off by how emotionally underdeveloped it is.
  • Needs a movie!

    I love this show! It also has great rewatch-ability. I think ive rewatched season 1-3 four times 4-5 twice and 6 3 times its a great show. I feel it ended at the right time im not sure it would do good with another season after having such a great ending. Id hate to see it be like HIMYM and go 4 seasons too long. So watch community and hope it gets a movie!
  • Awesome

    Depending on who you are, you have probably heard a lot of great things about Community. And, I would have to agree that Community is an awesome show. Now, I'm not as big a fan of this as other people are. But I have always liked this show. I even liked the fourth season which I don't understand why it gets hatred. But the point is, this show is always good and funny. I'm not sure what else there is to say about it, since I think that I covered it all right here. If you can watch it, it is worth your time.
  • Top Shows

    Many ideas that I have never seen done anywhere else, self aware of tropes, breaking the 4th wall, pretty funny, clever, and hilarious at times, highly original, great diverse effed up characters. My favorite and who makes the show so unique: Abed. I'm a very big geek when it comes to tv, film, pop culture, music, games etc. so I can definitely relate to him. Sad to see some characters leave the show, but who knows, maybe for the better so they can introduce some new crazy, quirky ones.

    Most of 4 seasons, some of S5, need to see web ep and S6 (13-14, July-August 2015) KDOC, NBC
  • A vast improvement on season 5

    I am really enjoying season 6 - Community is finally funny again!

    Sad to see that are no longer bothering to update the episode list, let alone review the show. Especially since the show is getting back on track.. Tim Surrette's glowing reviews are why I started watching in the first place.
  • Season 6 on Yahoo Screen

    Season 6 of Community has been great so far. Lots of fun.
  • Addictive show, that is for sure!

    I just recently found out about this sitcom through CW but fell in love instantly with it. Every episode is a new adventure and is a valuable lesson if you are willing to learn. Kinda reminds me of my time in college which sucked because my school was NOTHING like Greendale.

    I was so in love I made a Community Fan design for college products in cafepress at miastation

    If I were back in college, I would have equipped myself with those.
  • Wonderful

    This series has everything, is not a simple sitcom it is a smart sitcom (that's why people find it hard to understand) but I got to say is so underrated and it's a shame Everyone shouldgive community a chance because it is a jewel.
  • The BEST

    I've watched a lot of series in my life , but i've never been as enchanted as with this one . The cast is fabulous , the execution is neat and the plot just feels right ! I LOVE it and i trully believe Community should have a larger audience ! I'd be very sad to lose it ...
  • 6th Season - renewed by Yahoo Screen

    Great news!
  • Still waiting on Hulu....

    Some time has past, but I still feel the sting. Come on Hulu!!! The Greendale Five need you!
  • This is one of the darkest moments in TV history

    This is a great show. It is like live South Park in the community college.

    I cannot believe that why the show is cancelled with a lot of things unsettled.

    I need a better ending.
  • Great, clever and original.

    I can't believe that sitcoms as the Big Bang theory,Two and a half men and 2 broke girls are still on, and creative shows as community and arrested development got cancelled, this is just sad.
  • The GI Joe episode

    The GI Joe episode is the only one of your Shows we actually watched. It was much better thab all the rest of your episode put together. Maybe you stubled onto a winner.
  • I Miss Pierce

    I love this show and love the fact that Dan H is back. Season 4 wasn't that great but it had its moment and it was still ok and funnier than 95% of the comedies on Tv in my honest opinion. I don't know if am the only one here or maybe am part of a minority but i really miss Chevy Chase's character on this show. I think he is one of the funniest guys on community. The stuff he says and the way he says it, is so freaking hilarious that I just wish they could have resolved the issue with him. I am loving season 5 and the new additions have been well executed and it would definitely be still as good as the earlier season if not better. Its just for me community without Pierce just doesn't feel the same for me!!!!
  • Season 1, season 2, season 3, season 5. Did I miss something? Nope.

    Great show with clever writing and new ideas. It really breaks ground on what can be done within 30 minutes.

    NBC needs to wake up and stop airing it during the same slot as the Big Bang Theory (which somehow gets views despite its lack of

    Community may be beyond the point where it will hit the high ratings but is poised to be a show that becomes a cult classic well beyond its years.

    Now if only we could get rid of that awful 4th season.

    6 seasons and a movie!
  • Season 5 Great!

    So, it seems a lot of people don't know what happened with season 4. Basically the original writer of the show, Dan Harmon, and Chevy Chase, had beef, to say the least. Dan Harmon ended up getting the boot. Not pointing any fingers btw, wish they could have worked it all out, i think they have all been important elements to the show. However, I think it was clear something important was missing when I started watching season 4, and that was Dan Harmon.

    That being said, they actually re-hired him to continue writing the show again! And season 5 looks great so far. Prepare for many more laughs.
  • Like a Duracell bunny

    This is a show that doesn't want to quit even if it is running out of juice. I was sure the s04 was the end of it, but no, new batteries and here we go again. Fingers crossed for s05.

    On the flip side the Community has a huge re-watchable qualities. I had accidentally seen the episode from s03 "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux" already more than 3 times and it is one of the finest comedy around.
  • Very good show overall

    Very good show overall, which try to stay away from some clichs I hate in TV shows.

    Some very good characters.

    It's just a shame that the first episodes from season 1 are so average.
  • Mediocre television show.

    No premise, uninteresting characters, poorly written. Half the time I'm just wondering why these people are standing around in a room together and why they have nothing better to do. I do realize given the fact that users have given Community an overgenerous rating and that it's mentioned 24/7 on reddit that many people here will disagree with me however if you can watch this show and not see how bad the writing is, how superficial and dull the characters are, and how all of these characters seem bound to one another in episode after episode purely for the writers convenience, not because they have real or convincing relationships with one another, then I really don't care.

  • Love the show

    Best show eveeeer. My fav's are Jeff,Annie,Troy and Chang .
  • great show

    i like this show and like the different and fun of the show and it make my day by how fun it is. i like to see more of the show. i like season 1-3. season 4 feel like it ending the show. i was worry. i hope season 5 it as good and great. i hope and want more because of a great show
  • have you been all my life, Community? Season 4 INCLUDED

    Listen, I had to edit my review now that Season 4 is almost over. I did take one point away simply because season 4 really hasn't been spectacular as WHOLE, but there have been some amazing episodes, such as Paranormal Parentage, Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations, Herstory of Dance, Intro to Felt Surrogacy, Intro to Knots, Heroic Origins. It took the new showrunners a little bit to get on track, but it's still the same show. Us TV nerds just have a hard time looking past the publicized Behind the scenes shakeups. The show is still really good. Hope NBC renews it for another go-around. I'm not ready to depart the Study Group just yet.

    The 4th Season is shorter, and different in tone. It's not as great as the previous seasons but it is still enjoyable, it's not like every episode is horrible and without merit now. I'm still looking for Season 5, and that's all that matters right

    My favorite of Abed. He makes the show.

  • wheres more episodes???

    This is my FAVOURITE show, why aren't there any more episodes? This is literally depressing...
  • annie's boobs

    season 4 is worse than the others but i still watch it because i love the people but also you should something with chang and changnesia already ! also why hasnt it played in 2 weeks ? pierce you need to stay in the show !!!!!!!! hope you come back community ...
  • Season 4 was the biggest pile of *** I've ever seen in my entire life

    Anyone who has ever written a novel, screenplay or whatever knows there are three basic elements to storytelling:

    1. Storytelling (aka Style): The way that story is being unfolded. This could be slow and epic, this could be fast paced and funny. There are alot of stylistic elements going into this. And there isn't really a right or wrong. Season 1,2,3 of community had a slow but steady storytelling useing epilogues to create tention. Just try to keep this in mind

    2. Character design: The way that characters are portrayed. Either they're a douche, or nice, or narcisistic (*cough* Jeff). This doesn't really change all that much because people rarely change. And if they do, it takes some effort on the part of others to make them change. Try to keep this in mind ;)

    3. STORY! The actual happenings of what's happening ;) In Season 3 we had warmonger Chang, we had the Epilogue about City Colleges invasion, chang being connected to them and of course Starburns still being alive.

    Now. Coming from somebody who has written 3 stand alone novels, tons of fan fiction and 5 of her schools theater department productions let me tell you:


    Get that?

    You can either change the style of the show. Or you can let some of the characters evolve. OR you can abandon whole story elements and switch them for others. But you can't do all at the same time. You can do them one after another but not at the same time.

    Season 4 did exactly that. They screwed up the style, they completely reinvented ALL the characters and they (mostly) ignored all the given plot elements from post Season 4. That's why this season sucks! It's not because Dan Harmond isn't there anymore.

    It's literally because the new writers DON'T KNOW HOW TO WRITE FUCKING STORIES!!! Period!

    I remained sceptical of the season until the very end and have come to the conclusion that either NBC wants to tank the show OR that the entire writing staff on community has been replaced by imbicile monkeys.

    If you like Season 4 of community you can't have been a great fan of the series. I just had a marathon with a few friends where we watched all 4 seasons in 4 days. And it became painfully obvious. Even after literally knowing the episodes by heart Season 1-3 got laughs. Season 4 had embarrased silence and awkward conversations.

    Unless they get some new writers and they stop dumbing down the humor for Season 5 it is dead to me. I will rather remember it the way it was and not let the new "image" change great memories.

    RIP Community
  • What have you done to my favorite show?

    I LOVED Community- Seasons 1-3!

    This whole season seems off.... I dont understand whats happened to my favorite show.

    The plot ideas SEEM interesting but the actual dialogue and side stories are just - awful.

    Filled with non sequiturs- It feels like the writers were doing busy work to complete them-You know,

    Write "I author Bad Television" 500 times - to cash your paycheck... sort of thing....

    Or- This episode must contain 5000 words... anything will do.

    And what the HECK is going on with Pierce?? He was the highlight of the show!!

    He was the only STAR Community had going in, sure there were some recognizable faces coming in,... , but Chevy Chase was the only star, and now he never appears. The perfunctory

    10 second explanation of his absence each show, while necessary for your above average audience still feels like a slap in the face to your loyal fans- if they are like me.

    And frankly all the snide inside-jokes about Pierce are is a reason they are called inside jokes. They are only funny to the Cast and crew- the audience wasn't there- so continually making Pierce the punching bag is confusing to the viewers. I read that there was friction between him and a writer, I also read that the entire cast and crew behaved abysmally towards him at the wrap party-

    He said, she said, who cares?


  • cool, cool cool cool

    Great, funny, awesome show
  • Killed by the Network

    This was a great show killed by crappy scheduling and some kind of behind the scenes executive bull. Season 4 has lost something. The scripting? The story? It just seems to be a version of kooky that some one looked up on Wiktionary then focus grouped. Just Not Quite Right. See you later Community, it was nice.