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  • Yeaaah.... I don't know...

    Season 1 of Community wasn't so remarkable. It was good and managed to get me interested for the second season.

    Season 2 on the other hand was a masterpiece in my opinion. I really can't give any reasons other than that I loved it. Don't know why and I don't want to over-analyze it. (I loved Mixology Certification... It was so depressing and fun. The mixture of the two just hit the mark with me. My all time favourite Community episode right

    Season 3..... I was disappointed. It did have Remedial Chaos Theory and Pillows and Blankets but other than that the quality of the 'normal' episodes were a bit off. I'd just want to forget the whole 'Abed goes crazy and tries to saw off Jeff's arm' plot of the last episode.

    Season 4 is the most scrutinized think on TV right now. Is it different? Yes. Is it worse than the other seasons? Yes... ( I think that without Remedial and Pillows the season 3 would have been worse) IS IT the cancer of modern television, the absolutely worst series on TV now, the opposite of Batman that many fans seem to think it is? Not by a long shot.

    I have been avoiding reviewing this show because I actually think it's still pretty good (best comedy after Parks and and I don't want anyone to give me thumbs down :( so sad, right.

    So there it goes... A wobbly "review" of one of my favourite shows which tried to answer the question "Should I watch it?". The answer is "I'm not the one to tell you... I like it (even the 4th season) but that isn't definite proof that you'd like it" If you like the show, you like it. If you dislike the show, you dislike it.
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