Season 1 Episode 4

Social Psychology

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Oct 08, 2009 on Yahoo

Episode Recap

The day opens with Señor Chang calling out Annie for giving him a nasty evaluation. After the class, Jeff tries to avoid walking with Shirley and instead accompanies Britta, who is greeted by her new friend, the easy-going and shirtless Vaughn.

At the cafeteria, Annie approaches Professor Duncan to apply for his Duncan Principle social psychology experiment. Duncan assigns Annie the task of bringing in two subjects for the test which they will be conducting. She then persuades Troy and Abed to be her subjects.

In his quest to bring Britta and Vaughn apart, Jeff befriends Shirley and tries to find out more about her new boyfriend. Jeff and Shirley become close through the course of their mocking of Vaughn.

Meanwhile, Pierce shows the gang his new ear-noculars, supposedly a spy's device to eavesdrop. He later overhears Shirley and Jeff talking and mistakenly thinks that he is the topic of their gossiping.

During Professor Duncan and Annie's social experiment which involves just sitting in a room and waiting for nothing, each of the subjects break down after some time and pleads to walk out of the room. The only one who is able to withstand the test is Abed, who sits patiently until Annie gives up, yells at Abed, and commands him to leave.

Later, Britta confesses to Jeff that she is annoyed by Vaughn for being so clingy and touchy. And as Jeff and Shirley learn more about Vaughn, the more they continue to make jokes about him. They even spread their gossips with the others during a study group session. Vaughn then walks in and catches them teasing him.

After Vaughn is dispirited by what Jeff and Shirley did, Jeff tells Shirley that they should stop making fun of people. Jeff then reconciles with Britta and mends their friendship. Meanwhile, Annie apologizes to Abed for shouting at him earlier.

The day ends with Abed and Troy mocking the students through a glass panel window in the library. After they learn from Jeff that the people on the opposite side can hear what they are saying, the two pretend to sleep on the couch.
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