Season 1 Episode 4

Social Psychology

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Oct 08, 2009 on Yahoo

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  • Much better than last week's episode.

    Social Psychology, - In this episode Annie convinces Professor Duncan to let her join a psychology research team. Which is usually for second years but he lets it side. Annie gets Troy and Abed to join as test subjects. Jeff finally gets closer to Shirley, who he belived he would never be close friends with. They find a close friendship, more on the lines of gossiping on Britta's boyfriend the hippie. Pierce gets what he class his earnoculars. Problems: the research lab Annie joined makes its test subjects wait until they freak out. While the people watching watch in nothing but joy. A great moment by the spanish teacher is there. However everybody but Abed freaks out which sends all the lookers mad and Annie is kicked out of the class. Annie is angry at Abed for what he didnt do. But in the end Abed says he waited because they were friends. Problem solved. Jeff finds out that Shirley cant actually keep her mouth shut and blabs outloud about Britt's boyfriend the hippies poem. Which they laugh at. Which wrecks the hippies passion of being a hippie. Pierce on the other hand is offended because he thinks Shirley and Jeff are making fun of him. In the end Jeff misses out while Shirley and Britta start gossiping. Overall a way better episode which had alot of comedy moments in it. Worth a watch.