Season 1 Episode 2

Spanish 101

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Sep 24, 2009 on Yahoo

Episode Recap

Dean Pelton opens a new day at Greendale Community College with a few announcements regarding campus news and developments. Jeff Winger arrives and parks his car on a faculty-assigned slot while the rest of his study group waits for him in the classroom.

Britta suggests that they start studying without Jeff, but everyone else thinks they should just wait a while longer. Britta points out that Jeff doesn't care about any of them and oddly segues into the political and social issues in Guatemala. As Jeff enters the room and greets each of his study buddies, Britta attempts to bring up the issue of his tardiness, but everyone else says they don't mind at all.

After the study session, Jeff approaches Britta and tries to erase her bad first impression of him with a card he made. Britta doesn't take the bait and instead expresses her unfavorable opinion of him and returns the card. Pierce then gives him advice on how to pursue Britta. He invites Jeff to drinks and a "sausage fest", but Jeff passes on his invitation.

Outside, Annie and Shirley talk to Britta about starting a social cause on campus. Britta suggests they look up a journalist named Chacata Panecos who got murdered for his political views. Annie and Shirley walk off hurriedly, already planning their protest and candle vigil.

In Spanish class, Señor Chang opens with a self-promoting speech on how qualified he is as a Spanish teacher even if he looks Asian. He then assigns a project wherein each pair of students has to learn several Spanish phrases and present them in their next session. Each student gets a card with either a picture or a Spanish word on it. Whoever has matching cards ends up as partners for the project.

As Jeff sees that Britta has a card with a house on it, he asks Abed, who holds the card with the word "casa" on it, to switch cards. Abed asks for Jeff's shirt in exchange for his card. Walking out of the room in a tight-fit striped shirt, Jeff finds out that Britta herself has traded her card to Pierce, who then ends up as Jeff's partner.

During their meeting for the project, Pierce blabbers on about things that are totally unrelated to their assignment. As Jeff tries to get into the assignment, Pierce brings out "Hemingway's Lemonade" for them to drink. While Jeff wants to get over the meeting as soon as he can, Pierce has other ideas to prolong the time they spend together.

In the campus square, Shirley and Annie head the protest against the death of Panecos. They give out brownies and hand out Panecos-printed shirts to everyone who supports their cause. They even have a piñata shaped into a replica of Chacata, who in fact was beaten to death. Annie and Shirley then convince Britta to join their cause.

Back in the study room, Jeff begins to get annoyed with Pierce since their preparation for the presentation seems to be going nowhere. Abed and Troy enter the room and tell them about the girls' demonstration outside. Troy and Abed then shows Jeff and Pierce what they've been practicing for the Spanish presentation. Jeff loses his patience, suggests they each present on their own, and walks out to join the protest.

Jeff joins the silent candle vigil. He steals a placard from a protester and positions himself beside Britta, who apologizes to Jeff for being harsh on him earlier. Pierce, now drunk, follows them outside and rambles on about Jeff's maltreatment of him. As he is about to punch Jeff, Pierce's arm catches fire from a candle behind him. He runs to the fountain to put the fire out.

The next day, Annie and Shirley shows Britta the news article on their protest and Pierce's unfortunate accident. Jeff arrives and hands Britta another apology card for crashing their protest. The group then talks about Pierce and his oddness. Just before Pierce comes in the room, Britta reveals that Pierce offered her $100.00 just so he can be partners with Jeff and that all he wanted is to be part of a family.

Jeff, feeling guilty and touched by what Britta said, joins Pierce in front for their impromptu presentation. Using a variety of props and costumes, they do several skits as their classmates watch in awe. Displeased, Señor Chang gives them an F and an F minus. On the other hand, Britta is impressed with Jeff's selfless act of making a fool of himself for Pierce's sake. After Britta leaves, Pierce walks off with Jeff, giving him a couple of pointers on their presentation.

At the library, Abed beatboxes while he studies. Troy joins in his beat and blurts out Spanish phrases that don't make sense. The two alternate in adding lyrics to their nonsensical rap. They then go back to reading their books as their rap ends.
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