Season 1 Episode 2

Spanish 101

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Sep 24, 2009 on Yahoo

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    Definitely not as good as the pilot episode even though this episode gave us some emotion, but overall, it wasn't as funny as the pilot, not that much development, and not that much one liners worth remembering.

    The only one liner I do remember is Pierce comparing Britta's name to a water filter which had me in stitches but that's the only line I found myself laughing to. The characters remain intriguing but I just wish we got more character development for it to be the second episode of the series.

    It seemed pointless to have a filler plot ALREADY this early in the series with Annie and Yvette's character trying to be like Britta with the Guatemalan murders. To top it off, the montage was really cliche, and it was a failed attempt at humor. I do really enjoy the Spanish teacher and he was easily the best thing about this episode. Overall, not the best, but hey it was entertaining!
  • Spanish genius and Cameron Diaz


    The show finally gathers momentum.

    Following a stuttering start, this baby gathers serious momentum.

    The lead character does something that is not colossally 'strike packaged',

    and we get introduced to the Spanish teacher.

    Even if no other episode manages these heights, this one is worth the grind of the first episode.

    Long live Spanish rapping.

  • Pretty good followup to Pilot, despite the drop in ratings..

    If anything, this episode was funnier than the first one. It gave us more of an insight into Pierce's mind (and what a demented, twisted and hilarious mind it is!), some pretty genuinely funny moments ("He told me girls have two pee holes!") and some clever writing that allows jokes to go over your head the first time. It also features the first appearence of Ken Jeong, who stole the show away from everyone.

    So far, Community has proven to be a smart comedy, smarter than half of the sitcoms on television right now, and has also proven to be able to get good acting out of its actors/actresses. However, the question is whether or not people will stick around. I've seen smart shows and great shows get thrown under the bus, and it's a shame, because it seems like Community certainly has some potential.

    I'm not sure if the show has been picked up yet, but I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it does. If NBC can keep Parks and Recreation, which gets way less viewers than Community, than I don't see why they can't keep this around. If only more people watched these shows though...
  • The only reason this episode gets a nine is due to the awesome spanish rap at the end.

    So far, this is one of the few shows on television that goes by too quickly for me. Its quirkiness and interesting characters make me want more and more with every episode.

    Even though this episode was not as solid as the pilot was, it still is able to deliver. In this episode, we meet Senor Chang, the spanish teacher, who is apparently a series star, and doesn't like to be asked why he teaches Spanish.

    McHale and Chase have some definite chemistry together, and the montage of scenes where they show the class their stage show was the highlight of the episode for me. It was so weird that it was actually funny. While some parts of the show try too hard to be funny, this part, and the rapping scene at the end, make the score I've given it.
  • Hola

    Spanish 101, - The second episode of the series, takes us into the scene of the spanish class. The spanish class that was talked about in the pilot but never seen until now. The show opens with a intro and in the room. The cast is seen in spanish while we find out about the spanish teacher. Named Señor Chang who appears to have some sort of anger problem and quick outburst of joy, this is going to be fun. Change sets the class up to perform a skit in from of the class. Jeff wants to work with Britta on the project so he trades Abed for her. However Britta already knowing what Jeff has done trades with Pierce. Pierce is thrilled to work with Jeff however Jeff doesnt feel the same way. Jeff abuses their friendship and makes Pierce do most of the work, which hers Pierce. In the end Pierce and Jeff do the skit together. With no sound and a long skit that made for some comedy. Overall it wasnt the best episode but it can be see that they are moving the show forward. The skit at the end and the spanish teacher outburst in the start is worth a look back.
  • Not as good as the pilot.

    Spanish 101 opens strong. Ken Jeong has a wonderful opening monologue to start his Spanish class, that is a must see! But then the following events get a little funky. Jeff is still desperately pursuing Britta, but he comes on so strong, that it's really becoming creepy, and turning me off of the show. That and he's not very likable this time around (in the pilot he was a jerk, but a likable jerk) and Britta continues to turn me off as an unrelenting b*tch. I honestly have no clue what he sees in her.
    But besides that, Jeff hangs with Chevy Chase, who is also trying too hard to get Jeff to like him. Many of the supporting players seem broader than the interesting types they were shown as in the premiere. There's no clear reason why, and when he blows up at him later, it seems un-earned or un-justified. But the montage of the class presentation at the end was pretty funny, and basically saves the episode.
  • Decent second episode

    In Spanish class, Senor Chang asks the students to pair up for a project. Jeff's attempt to team up with Britta fails and he ends up displeased with his actual partner. Annie and Shirley assist Britta with her cause for social justice. Another good episode of Community. The Spanish rap scene was really funny and the part were Pierce was drunk and scream "I'm not ready to die". Senor Chang was introduced and was very funny, Ken Jeong is great in everything I see him in. Glad Duncan wasn't in this episode that was a plus. Hopefully the show carrys on with this good start.
  • We meet Senor Chang who is a trip. He is the teacher of the Spanish class everyone was studying for. He assigns partners based on a random method which in the end is not very random. Jeff and Pierce end up together and the weirdness begins.

    Not quite as good as the Pilot episode. In this episode we get to meet Senor Chang played by the comedian Ken Jeong In this part Ken is playing the same character I think I have seen in a number of other movies and shows. I think he can be very funny but it is lost in this show.

    The two major themes here are the Spanish assignment which is very simple and a few of the gals need to protest something. It seems like protesting is a rite of passage for college I guess.

    Shirley and Annie go to Britta to get advice on what to protest and some ideas on how. At the same time Jeff tries to work it out so Britta is his study partner, but Pierce ends up being with him as he did the same thing Jeff was. For some reason Pierce feels an affinity with Jeff and wants to become pals.

    We get to see a very strange protest and an even stranger Spanish presentation that had nothing to do with Spanish. In both cases each was more strange than funny.

    I still like the premise of the show but I think they need to try a little less to be funny. It feels forced which both McHale and Chase can seem to be at times with their styles. Thanks for reading...