Season 1 Episode 2

Spanish 101

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Sep 24, 2009 on Yahoo

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  • Hola

    Spanish 101, - The second episode of the series, takes us into the scene of the spanish class. The spanish class that was talked about in the pilot but never seen until now. The show opens with a intro and in the room. The cast is seen in spanish while we find out about the spanish teacher. Named Señor Chang who appears to have some sort of anger problem and quick outburst of joy, this is going to be fun. Change sets the class up to perform a skit in from of the class. Jeff wants to work with Britta on the project so he trades Abed for her. However Britta already knowing what Jeff has done trades with Pierce. Pierce is thrilled to work with Jeff however Jeff doesnt feel the same way. Jeff abuses their friendship and makes Pierce do most of the work, which hers Pierce. In the end Pierce and Jeff do the skit together. With no sound and a long skit that made for some comedy. Overall it wasnt the best episode but it can be see that they are moving the show forward. The skit at the end and the spanish teacher outburst in the start is worth a look back.