Season 3 Episode 7

Studies in Modern Movement

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Nov 10, 2011 on Yahoo

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  • Very Average

    Seems like another filler episode.
  • Pretty good. Not hilarious, but we got a great look at the characters.

    The best part of this episode was the inside look at both Abed and Troys roommateship and Annie's view of the of the less-stressed duo. This episode was all about fitting in, and making sacrifices so things go smoothly. The insight into Abed and Troy's life was fantastic. Permanent pillow forts and adventure rooms? Great. I wish my life was that close to a cartoon. :) Poor Annie, though, because Troy and Abed hadn't taken her rigidity into account at all.
  • "Jesus loves marijuana and drinking human blood"


    Annie moves in with Trobed which kind of had me cringing when the idea first came up in "Remedial Chaos Theory". Britta accurately points out to Annie that it won't be all unicorns and rainbows (or HorseBot 3000s) which Annie begins to realize when the boys reveal her room to be a blanket fort. Jeff's attempts to skip out on helping backfire when he finds himself blackmailed by the Dean, Pierce botches his attempt to save Annie's security deposit with some maintenance work, and Britta and Shirley meet a hitchhiker named Jesus.

    I don't know if you caught this line, but it made me laugh really hard so it bears repeating. "Brought to you by the girl yogurt Jamie Lee Curtis uses to poop. There's a packet of it in the fridge as a welcoming gift."

  • Worst. Episode. Ever.


    Abed, who predicts the way people react to situations and also predicts the situations themselves, did not see Annie's reaction coming ... Annie, the day-planner, did not checkthe bedroom before moving in ... Jeff the former lawyer and with decades of experience in deceit and manipulation, who also happened to know the Dean has an obsession with him, was stupid enough to use his GD e-mail account... Shirley and Britta clashing over the same crap again ... one of the things I loved about Community is that they made the girls interact withouthaving them talk about boys... but right now I'd rather they carbon-copied a Hannah Montana dialogue than having the samediscussion over and over again.

    I nearly puked at the surreal sequence ... when they did it in 110 it was brilliant, so ridiculous but at the same time so wonderful ... 'somewhere out there ...' I could watch that for days without getting tired. It had it all: dynamics, character development, glances, great direction, real enough to make you feel connected and surreal enough to be funny ... but this one with the karaoke and the paint and the hitchhiker and the puppets ... the beatboxing was the only good thing about it but otherwise it was horrible... really horrible.

    Community has extraordinary writers and actors, so why coming up with such piece of tripe? It's like having the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra playing like The Ramones.

  • Annie moves in with Abed and Troy


    If there's one thing that Community does better than anybody else, it's writing absolutely hilarious over-the-top sequences. I've complained about when Community gets tooweird, but sometimes, I have to eat my words. This episode was bizarre, but I loved every second of it. There were only a few spots that lowered it for me.

    The main part of the episode was Annie moving into Abed and Troy's apartment (if the hashtag #AnnieMoves on Troy and Abed's shirts wasn't enough attention drawn to the subject, than I don't know what would be). Annie's excited to move in with them, but Britta claims that Annie will hate them within a few days. Immediately, Annie begins to notice the weird things they do, like hit each other in the head with bubblewrap helmets and hang each other to the door using wrapping tape. As she moves in, she worries that she'll end up hating her friends.

    Meanwhile, Pierce agrees to stay behind at Annie's old apartment and fix some of the things that are wrong with it so she doesn't have to pay extra money. Jeff does the typical Jeff thing and pretends he's sick to get out of helping her move but gets blackmailed by Dean Pelton into singing karaoke songs with him at the mall. As for Britta and Shirley, they're driving home, arguing about religion (as usual) and Britta picks up a hitchhiker.

    Some of these plots work better than others. For the most part, the Annie/Abed/Troy one works, mostly because Danny Pudi and Donald Glover have such an effortless chemistry and Annie getting sucked into it is awesome. The highlight of the night belongs to Jeff and Dean Pelton. The two sing "Kiss From A Rose" on the machine, and the song acts as a song to play over a montage of scenes showing what everybody is doing, and that sequence is easily the funniest thing the show has done this season.

    However, Pierce is given nothing to do but act crazy, and for me, it was too little too late. Britta and Shirley's plot is semi-funny but suffers from being over-done. How many times have we seen them argue over religion? I didn't really care about it, even though the scenes were funny.

    For the most part, I liked it. I'm also glad the show is not trying to pigeonhole Chang into everything. Ken Leong is a funny guy but a show can suffer from trying to fit characters into places they don't belong.

    The show is just as funny... but compared to some of the other stuff the show has done this season, this was just good.

  • what have they done to Britta?


    she used to have the position in the group as the buzzkill and it was fine that was what she did and everybody worked around that, knew their place and the dynamics of the group worked great. now they are forcing her to try to be funny and into the alpha female role that belongs to annie and its just not working at all for me, and the group seems lost in their roles. this show in the first two seasons used to be utterly fantastic, now i can barely watch an episode without skipping parts through my dvr, a lot of them. success has gone to their heads and the magic has definitely gone. im not sure why there were two votes of 10 for this episode before it even aired, not sure how this website works, but it seems a bit bizarre to me. apparently the show is struggling in the ratings. not even The Dean could save this episode and in my eyesseason3 has been a major let down.