Season 3 Episode 7

Studies in Modern Movement

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Nov 10, 2011 on Yahoo

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  • what have they done to Britta?


    she used to have the position in the group as the buzzkill and it was fine that was what she did and everybody worked around that, knew their place and the dynamics of the group worked great. now they are forcing her to try to be funny and into the alpha female role that belongs to annie and its just not working at all for me, and the group seems lost in their roles. this show in the first two seasons used to be utterly fantastic, now i can barely watch an episode without skipping parts through my dvr, a lot of them. success has gone to their heads and the magic has definitely gone. im not sure why there were two votes of 10 for this episode before it even aired, not sure how this website works, but it seems a bit bizarre to me. apparently the show is struggling in the ratings. not even The Dean could save this episode and in my eyesseason3 has been a major let down.

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