Season 1 Episode 11

The Politics of Human Sexuality

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Dec 03, 2009 on Yahoo
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Britta dares Jeff to find himself a partner for a double date with Pierce and his new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Shirley and Britta lend their hand as Annie tries to learn anatomy for a special health fair presentation in school.

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  • Britta dares Jeff to find himself a partner for a double date with Pierce and his new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Shirley and Britta lend their hand as Annie tries to learn anatomy for a special health fair presentation in school.moreless

    I dont even understand how you can watch this show and not think its AMAZING! The writing is terrific, combined with excellent delivery. If you're not the type of person that could watch the office(seasons1-3) and laugh, then you're probably not right for this show either. It is made up of very intelligent and witty dialogue. This isnt the show for you if you watch for fart jokes or physical comedy. I watch this and have to pause it just to absorb how funny the show is before i can keep watching because sooo many things are funny. I just wish more people could see what i see, i REALLY hope they dont anel this, i might have to give up hope on television if they do.moreless
  • Jeff gets goaded into a double date at the the STD night at Greendale with Pierce. Annie, Britta and Shirley break into the principals office for the life size mannequin because Annie needs to show how to put a condom on at the program.moreless

    I missed an episode in between, but it seems things are staying about the same.

    Annie is freaked as she has never seen a man's private parts so she gets Britta and Shirley to break into the Principal's office to practice on the life size anatomically correct mannequin there. Annie did such a great job arranging the program she gets the "honor" of doing the demonstration. Of course they get caught and funny things ensue.

    Jeff is in a dating drought which comes to everyone's attention when he gets suckered into a double date with Pierce and his escort girlfriend for the STD shindig. He finally talks a girl into coming with him and it's a disaster as he realizes he has no interest in her even though she's attractive. Uh oh, he's maturing! Oh, and his financial problems seem to have disappeared as well!

    Abed is showing Troy up at every game he challenges him too proving that Abed, not Troy is the best athlete at Greendale. Unfortunately when the Principal sends Abed to announce not to use the condoms because they all leak he tells everyone not to use condoms tonight over the loud speaker!

    A mildly funny episode with some funny bits. A lot of other shows come to mind now for me when I think of this show. I'm not sure which it really is like, but one of these days I'll waste enough time to figure it out and I'll let you know. Thanks for reading...moreless
Sharon Lawrence

Sharon Lawrence


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Sara Erikson

Sara Erikson


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Craig Cackowski

Craig Cackowski

Security Guard #1

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Jim Rash

Jim Rash

Dean Craig Pelton

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    • Britta: I don't see what the big deal is. Annie just needed to look at the model of the pe--
      Dean Pelton: Oh oh okay! The "P" word has entered into play. That's exactly why I wanted Gale our school counselor here and Monique who's keeping record to ensure we discuss these sensitive topics in a legally appropriate manner.

    • Officer: Dean, we have a 597 currently going on in your office.
      Dean Pelton: 597?! There's a dog fighting ring in my office?!

    • Dean Pelton: I had no idea alcohol would make people horny! It makes me sleepy.

    • Dean Pelton: Sabrina is my new secretary.
      Sabrina: 'Secretary' is a little degrading to women. I help the dean do office-y things.
      Britta: Oh, gender saved.

    • Abed: Troy and I played basketball. It was fun.
      Troy: Don't gloat! It's impossible to guard you. Your eyes are too gentle and mysterious.

    • Shirley: Annie... being a virgin in this day and age is something to be proud of. You're like a unicorn.

    • Security Guard #1: What in the reverse Porky's is going on here?

    • Jeff: You know a lot about wine?
      Doreen: Well, I did have a client who owned a vineyard in Napa. He was into S&M and Merlot, so we called it S&M&M.

    • School Counselor: I just want to focus on the girl who won't say penis. (Everyone stares at Annie.) This is a judgment-free zone, so express yourself.
      Annie: You know what... I don't want to express myself. I don't want to sit in a room full of people and say... the 'P' word. I like being repressed. I am totally comfortable being uncomfortable with my sexuality. And maybe, just maybe, if everyone were a little bit more like me, we wouldn't have to have an STD fair.

    • Annie: A giant thumb in a turtleneck. Whoop-dee-do!

    • Pierce: A man reaches a point in his life where he stops looking for a place to hang his underwear and starts looking for a place to hang his hat.

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    • Shirley: So you, uh, you never seen a penis when you were growing up? Like, you know, on the Internet, in a picture, or Harvey Keitel's?

      Harvey Keitel is a veteran movie and TV actor who has done full frontal nudity in films like Bad Lieutenant and The Piano.

    • Dean Pelton: A laser! Well this isn't gonna be your mother's sexually transmitted disease awareness fair.
      This is and allusion to the tag line accompanying the release of the 2009 movie Star Trek: "This is not your father's Star Trek."