Season 2 Episode 3

The Psychology of Letting Go

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Oct 07, 2010 on Yahoo



  • Trivia

    • Throughout the entire episode, there is a story going on in the background about Abed and a pregnant woman, unknown to all the other characters.

      In the opening scenes, he is talking to her behind Jeff. She goes into labor in the lunchroom and Abed leads her outside.

      During the oil fight scene, if you look behind Shirley on the bench, you can see Abed delivering a baby in the back of a truck. Later you see the happy couple standing around with baby in hand.

  • Quotes

    • Jeff: I treat my body like a temple!
      Male Nurse Jackie: Well, I can't be the first person to tell you that the temple doesn't last forever. I mean, it's made of hamburger. This is a… This is a temple of doom. And you know what? Like the real temple of doom, it represents the inconvenient fact that all good things – be they people or movie franchises – eventually collapse into sagging, sloppy, rotten piles of hard to follow nonsense.

    • Britta: (as Annie) Hey, I like need you to save the pelicans. They're all feathery and pelican-y. I wuv them. (the guy gives her money) Thank you. (to Annie) Wow, it really is easy to raise money when you sell out your gender.
      Annie: I'm sure it's even easier when you're not standing next to this... (to a passerby, as Britta) Hey jerk, you're stupid! Give me money, I know more than you.
      Britta: (as Annie to passerby) Oh, I don't know anything. I need boys. Saving the planet makes my back hurt. (pops chest)
      Annie: (to Britta) I obviously don't need guys for anything, that's why I wear stripper boots during the day and eat only celery and mustard for lunch.
      Britta: Oh, I never stop smiling.
      Annie: I never start.
      Britta: My sweaters keep shrinking.
      Annie: I get up an hour early to ever so slightly curl my hair.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: October 7, 2010 on Citytv,
      Sweden: February 26, 2011 on TV6,
      Czech Republic: January 19, 2013 on SMICHOV,

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