Season 5 Episode 9

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Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Mar 13, 2014 on Yahoo

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  • Does this show still deserve six seasons and a movie?

    After the let down that was season 4, I was hoping for great things with Dan Harmon's return in season 5 but so far its been a major let down. It hasn't been funny enough. It hasn't been fun enough. It hasn't been clever enough. The new character (forget his name) isn't funny in the least. Chang was overused as a character back in season 3 and this is just too much. Its ironic that a show I used to love and actually wanted to have "six seasons and a movie" of I now wish had been cancelled after season 3.
  • What a disappointing season this is

    The 2 stories in this episode were useless, uninteresting and not funny. Annie's brother is too far and doesn't fit, Abed is completely uninteresting without Troy. The book story, it was so lame and boring.