Complete Savages

Season 1 Episode 7

For Whom the Cell Tolls

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 05, 2004 on ABC
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For Whom the Cell Tolls
Watching Sam moping around the house and staring out the window at Angela while she goes out on dates, prompts Jack to take Sam to the mall to pick up girls. When Jack sets him up with a girl named Erin, they hit it off right away. Nevertheless, Sam becomes aggravated when Erin can not seem to put down her cell phone. Meanwhile, Chris gets a job at the mall selling paper airplane gliders and TJ and Kyle buy one. Unfortunately, they realize that they have purchased a faulty product and decide to annoy Chris in any way possible to get back their money.moreless

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      • Jack (Looking out the window): Angela just drove off with her new boyfriend.
        Sam: What!
        (Runs over to the window)
        Sam: Aww crap. I missed her.
        Jack: Dude, get over her.
        Sam: Yeah, I'm totally over her. What was she wearing?

      • Nick: (Looking out of the window at Sam and Erin making out) If she's looking for his tonsils, he had them out with he was 8.

      • Jack: Erin, what Sam's trying to say is...he's not good enough for you. It's over.
        Erin: Finally! Someone with a little sensitivity!

      • Chris: (To Sam) Only YOU could find a black cloud in a hot blonde's mouth.

      • TJ & Kyle: We want our money back, we want our money back, we want our money back, we want our money back, we want our money back, we want our money back, we want our money back!
        Chris: Shut up!
        TJ & Kyle: (Jumping on Chris) We want our money back, we want our money back, we want our money back, we want our money back, we want our money back, we want our money back!
        Nick: All right! I've had enough of this; I'll pay for the damn thing. How much was it?
        TJ: 11 bucks.
        Nick: For a paper airplane?! Forget it!
        Kyle: This isn't over Chris. Not by a long shot.
        TJ: You better start sleeping with one eye open…cause we're gonna get you.
        Kyle: Maybe not today, Maybe not tomorrow, Maybe not the day after that...
        Nick: Oh will you two get the hell outta here?!

      • TJ: We're not going get arrested for this are we?
        Kyle: No way, we're minors! We could have burned down that whole mall and there's nothing anyone can do to us!
        Chris (Comes running in): You guys are in BIG trouble!
        TJ: Nuh uh, we're minors!
        Chris: So am I. (Cracks knuckles)
        Kyle: SPILT UP!!!

      • Nick: So where are you gonna take this "Hot Tomato"?
        Sam: Well, Jack said that I should take the "Hot Tomato" to the movies.
        Jack: That way he won't have to do a lot of talking
        Nick: Oh but talking's good. That's why I always take my first date out for a nice dinner.
        Jack: That's why you don't have second dates.
        Nick: No, I don't have second dates cause I tell em I have five kids.
        Jack: Well you wouldn't have to tell them if you were at a movie.
        Nick: Or if I didn't have five kids.

      • Mr. Quincy: Chris, I wanna welcome you as the newest member of a very exclusive team here at Quincy International.
        (Chris looks at the cart)
        Chris: International?
        Quincy: Hey, we got a cart in Mexico.

      • Jack (To Sam): Why don't you come to the mall with us?
        Kyle: Yeah, we're gonna go screw with Chris at his new job.
        Nick: Nobody's bothering your brother on his first day.
        T.J.: But if we don't make him feel bad, who will?
        Kyle: Total strangers that's who. Is that what you want dad? Is it? Chris: I'd pound you, but I gotta get to work.
        Nick: You still got ten minutes.
        Chris: Sweet...

      • Nick (Serving breakfast): Want some left over lasagna?
        Jack: For breakfast?
        Nick: If it's sitting next to orange juice, it's breakfast.

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