Complete Savages

Season 1 Episode 19

Hot Water

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jun 17, 2005 on ABC

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  • wow crazy episode, lots of fun

    cool, i never had so much joy, lol
  • Really great episode, though it's sad it was the last one...

    This was a really good and very funny episode... For starters any episode that Mel Gibson appeared in those ridiculously funny movies is just great... And the guys buy a hot tub, but Nick told them not to use it without him. But of course they disobey him and, even though they watched the video of "safety", they still got into trouble and they broke the thing.
    And Sam makes a thoughtful gift for Angela, for their 3rd month anniversary, but when he discovers how big it was the gift that Angela was gonna give him, he goes nuts trying to figure out what to buy. In the end everything is resolved and it's really great...
  • from When Nick and Jimmy's friend dies and leaves them money, they buy a hot tub. The boys ignore Nick's instructions and end up in a very complicated situation. Sam has trouble deciding if he should give Angela a gift from the mall to celebrate t

    This show was great, maybe even one of my favorites. It stinks that they've canceled the show. It was funny, and all the guys looked great! I liked how they boys tried to get Sam in trouble for what they did. I loved the end when Nick and Jimmy were stuck to the hot tub, and ended up in a gay pride parade. Too bad they've ended the series, because this was a great episode!!