Complete Savages

ABC (ended 2005)


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  • Complete Savages was a cool family show!

    It's too bad that ABC had to get rid of teen sitcoms. I loved this show for two reasons, Shaun Sipos & Kelly the dog!

    Favorite moments...

    1). When Jack played guitar & sang Werewolves of London with the dog howling along!

    2). Sally Sue the poodle, trying to get along with the dog!

    3). Jack singing "Mahalia" on the teen center episode.

    4). Jack making up a song (Dog Love) & the dog howls again!

    Shaun & the dog made a great team!
  • Complete Savages was a hilarious comedy that was clean enough for my kids to watch.(for a change) ABC needs to bring it back! Apparently ABC thinks that nobody wants to laugh any more.

    I feel the actors from Complete Savages had great chemistry! The boys' characters were well thought up and also worked well together. The show is never dull with all the boys' trouble making. The best part of the show is the good ol' American "boys will be boys" attitude of the show. While the mischief may have gotten out of hand at times, the boys still knew that dad was the authority in the house. What a clever show, anyone can see that ABC should not have cancelled it.
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