Complete Savages

ABC (ended 2005)


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  • ma fav quotes

    one of ma fav quotes...
    judy - weve seen quite a few delvery vans outside your house
    angelas dad- o yes, one of the delivery guys came to our house. remember judy?
    judy-o yes what a night!

    unlce - nice play shakespeare

    angela - wow sam ur a gr8 negotiater
    sam-how about i negotiate with ur bra to relase its 2 hostages

    nick - the dog goes out more then you.. an hes fixed!!!

    nick-she wants to bake us a pie
    chris-dad, i wouldnt eat that pie if i were u
    nick-there is no pie chris

    sam- what was she wearing?
    jack-i dunno in my head all girls are naked
    sam-what did shelook like?

    kyle-why is her couch in a sandwich bag

    kyle- if u eat our dog, we'll take the plastic off ur couch an sit on it with no pants!!!

    chris-grandma? are u making pancakes

    jack- i'd love to
    jessica-what. u'd love to move outta the way so i can ask ur brother to the dance?

    april-wait shouldnt i go upstairs an check on tg, i mean ur dad did pay me to look after him
    jack-no, if you start on him, he'll wet the bed

    nick-u got april here just so u could make out wiv her
    jack-dont worry shes getting paid 4 it
    april-well say goodbye to it, and no u cant watch me walk away